Second NAAA Development meet set for Saturday, January 14

by Clayton Clarke (​​; 13.1.17


Trinidad & Tobago Secondary Schools'

Track & Field Association

The Second Development of the 2017 season will get underway at the Hasely Crawford Stadium, Port of Spain on Saturday, January, 14 from 10:00am. The first events on the schedule are the high jump (boys and girls Under 14 & 16), discus throw (girls under 14 & 16, 18) and the 100m hurdles (girls under 16). Also on list are 1500m, 60m, long jump, discus, 80m, 100m, 400m, javelin, shot put , 4x50m (mixed under 10 & 12), 800m, triple jump, 400m hurdles, 200m, hammer, 3000m and the Swedish and Medley relays. The relays are finals events on the schedule are set to get under at 4:50pm.

The First Development Meet was held on Sunday, December, 11, 2016 at the Dwight Yorke Stadium, Bacolet. Safiya John (Kaizen Panthers) and Justin Guy (Kaizen Panthers) were the outstanding performers each victorious in three events. John won the girls under 18 high jump, long jump and 100m hurdles while Guy copped the boys under 16 150m and high jump and then won the boys under 18 110m hurdles. Carifta bronze medallist Anya Akili (Kaizen Panthers) missed on a trio of wins. Akili took the girls under 20 high jump and women's long jump but had to settle for second in the  girls under 20 long jump behind club-mate Jamellia Potts who also copped the women's 150m.

Akili and Potts were among several double winners on the day: Shernicah Seargant (T'go Jaguars)-G U14 150m/300m; Shakera Kirk (T'go Falcons)-G U16 shot put/discus; Ayla Stanislaus (Zenith)-G U18 150m/300m; Chloe Roberts (Zenith) -G U18 shot put/discus; Christopher Crawford (T'go Falcons)-B U16 shot put/discus; Shanika Belfon- G U16 300m/Women 1000m; Anya Akili (Kaizen Panthers)- G U20 high jump/Women 100m hurdles (second G U20 long jump; Jamellia Potts (Kaizen Panthers)-G U20 long jump/Women 150m; Konnel Jacobs (T'go Jaguars)-B U18 shot put/discus; Shaquille Benjamin (Kaizen Panthers)-B U18 high jump/long jump; Kerlon Ashby (Kaizen Panthers)-B U10 110m hurdles/long jump; Aaron Lewis (Kaizen Panthers)-Men 150m/110m hurdles and Kenneil Billy (Unattached)-Men 600m/1000m.

Benjamin recorded an impressive win in the boys under 18 high jump with a leap of 1.90m while Jacobs was outstanding in his victory in the boys under 18 discus with an effort of 44.62. Benjamin's distance matched the qualifying standard in the event for the 2016 Caifta Games while Jacob was over the 44.30 standard for the discus.

The Development meets are held under the auspices of the National Association of Athletic Administration (NAAA) where  athletes vying to represent Trinidad and Tobago this year's Carifta Games in Curacao from April 14-17  have a chance to attain the qualifying standard.  The Third Development Meet is set for Sunday, January, 15 at the Dwight Yorke Stadium also from 10:00am.

Prior to start of Saturday's meet officials will participate in a training workshop organised by the NAAA's Technical Development Committee.

Results-First Development Meet-Sunday, December, 11, 2016 (Dwight Yorke Stadium).



Under 10


1st J'Leisha Alexander (T'go Jaguars) 8.82,

2nd Q-Jhea Stewart (T'go Jaguars) 8.84,

3rd Tiffany Lendore (Mason Hall) 8.97,

4th Taylor Bernard (Mason Hall) 9.00,

5th Tehillah Keida (Mason Hall) 9.04,

6th Blessing Thomas (Mason Hall) 9.41,

7th Patrice Austin (Mason Hall) 8.58


1st Mason Hall 43.73

60m (two heats):

1st Nathaniel Charles (T'go Jaguars) 7.78,

2nd Jahaziel David (T'go Jaguars) 8.04,

3rd Ronaldo Latchman (Mason Hall) 8.14,

4th Kall Williams (T'go Jaguas) 8.22,

5th Jezlon Duke (Zenith) 8.33,

6th Jayden Phillips (Mason Hall) 8.35,

7th  Siel Mills (Mason Hall) 8.42,

8th Isaac Diaz (Protons) 8.70,

9th Jayden Busby (T'go Jaguars) 9.09,

10th Tyrone Douglas (Protons) 9.64,

11th Jonathan Ayers (Kaizen Panthes) 9.71


1st Mason Hall 38.07,

2nd T'go Jaguars 40.39

Under 12


1st Shenesse Matthew (Mason Hall) 8.02,

2nd Olvia Ramsaran (Mason Hall) 9.14

60m (two heats):

1st Ben Bannister (Mason Hall) 8.10,

2nd Micah Stafford (Kaizen Panthers) 8.19,

3rd Daniel Thomas (T'go Jaguars) 8.21,

3rd Jai Duncan (Kaizen Panthers) 8.30,

4th Anderson Burris (Mason Hall ) 8.32,

5th De Juan George (Mason Hall) 8.49,

6th Daniel Briggs (Kaizen Panthers) 9.21,

7th Zhen Yangoll (Protons) 9.23,

8th Joshua George (Mason Hall) 9.66 

Long jump:

1st La Bron James (T'go Falcons) 4.74,

2nd Jaidi James (T'go Falcons) 3.94

Under 14


1st Shernicah Seargant (T'go Jaguars) 19.43,

2nd Latoya Garrick (T'go Jaguars) 19.85,

3rd Jimella Cudjoe (Kaizen Panthers) 25.73


1st Shernicah Seargant (T'go Jaguars) 44.95,

2nd Olivia Ramsaran (Mason Hall) 53.45,

3rd Patrice Austin (Mason Hall) 1:00.13,

4th Jahmela Cudjoe (Kaizen Panthers) 1:00.18


1st  Addriana Cordner (Kaizen Panthers) 14.66

Long jump:

1st Latoya Garrick (T'go Jaguars) 4.58,

2nd Shernicah Sergeant (T'go Jaguars) 4.45


1st Micah Stafford (Kaizen Panthers) 22.30

300m (two heats):

1st Jaheem Sandy (Unattched) 45.60,

2nd Ben Bannister (Mason Hall) 46.97,

3rd Anderson Burris (Mason Hall) 47.92, 

4th De Juan George (Mason Hall) 49.73,

5th Yeshue Persad (Unattached) 49.78,

6th Demario Forde (Protons) 51.53,

7th Jorel Learmont (Mason Hall) 53.55

Long jump:

1st Tyrique Dennis (Kaizen Panthers) 4.23

Under 16


1st Chidik Gray (Kaizen Panthers) 21.14,

2nd Anika Joefield (Kaizen Panthers) 23.00


1st Shanika Belfon (Kaizen Panthers) 44.32,

2nd Anika Joefield (Kaizen Panthers) 48.61,

3rd Kerniel Waldron (Toco Titans) 48.64,

4th Chadika Grey (Kaizen Panthers) 52.68


1st Jeni John (Unattached) 2:38.16

Shot put:

1st Shakera Kirk (T'go Falcons) 8.82,

2nd Alicia Baptiste (Unattached) 6.65


1st Shakera Kirk (T'go Falcons) 29.54

Long jump:

1st Kerneil Waldron (Toco Titans) 4.09,

2nd Shannon Daniel (T'go Falcons) 4.12


1st Justin Guy (Kaizen Panthers) 17.01,

2nd Javaki Alfred (Scarborough Secondary) 17.54,

3rd Jaabari Taylor (Kaizen Panthers) 17.70,

4th Che Saunders (Kaizen Panthers 19.19,

5th Nkosi Waldron (Kaizen Panthers) 20.13


1st J'll Roberts (Kaizen Panthers) 37.31,

2nd Darion Ottley (Kaizen Panthers) 37.35,

3rd Javaki Alred (Scarborough Secondary) 37.87,

4th Brandon Edwards (Kaizen Panthers) 39.33,

5th Jaabari Taylor (Kaizen Panthers) 41.28,

6th Mickel Caesar (Kaizen Panthers) 44.17,

7th Nkosi Waldron (Kaizen Panthers) 46.93


1st Zion Lovelace (Unattached) 1:40.77,

2nd Jorel Learmont (Mason Hall) 2:14.57

Shot put:

1st Christopher Crawford (T'go Falcons) 14.45


1st Christopher Crawford (T'go Falcons) 41.61


1st Nicholai Peterkin (Zenith) 31.42

High Jump:

1st Justin Guy (Kaizen Panthers) 1.80,

2nd Che Saunders (Kaizen Panthers) 1.65

Under 18


1st Ayla Stanislaus (Zenith) 18.40,

2nd Kerneka Waldron (Toco Titans) 19.93


1st Ayla Stanislaus (Zenith) 43.27,

2nd Kerneka Waldron (Toco Titans) 45.70

100m Hurdles:

1st Safiya John (Kaizen Panthers) 15.07

Shot put:

1st Chloe Roberts (Zenith) 7.92


1st  Cloe Roberts (Zenith) 28.30


1st Kemoy Noray (Zenith) 37.15

High jump:

1st Safiya John (Kaizen Panthers) 1.60

Long jump:

1st Safiya John (Kaizen Panthers) 5.19


1st Brian Hackett (Mason Hall) 17.14,

2nd Noah Holmes (Zenith )17.73,

3rd Shaquille Benjamin (Kaizen Panthers) 17.97


1st Jan Michael Walters (Unattached) 36.89,

2nd Noah Holmes (Zenith) 38.64,

3rd BrianeHackett (Mason Hall) 40.91


1st Terven James (Unattached) 1:35.05,

2nd Darriel Des Vignes (Kaizen Panthers) 1:36.64

110m Hurdles:

1st Justin Guy (Kaizen Panthers) 15.48,

2nd Che Saunders (Kaizen Panthers) 19.30

Shot put:

1st Konnel Jacobs (T'go Jaguars) 13.07


1st Konnel Jacobs (T'go Jaguars) 44.62


1st Kareem Peters (Zenith) 45.47,

2nd Sean Lovell (Zenith) 41.24,

3rd Xavier Fredericks (Unattached) 37.33

High jump:

1st Shaquille Benjamin (Kaizen Panthers) 1.90,

2nd Jvaki Alfred (Kaizen Panthers) 1.65

Long jump:

1st Shaquille Benjamin (Kaizen Panthers) 5.37,

2nd Diamond Payne (Goodwood High) 5.98,

Under 20

High jump:

1st Anya Akili  (Kaizen Panthers) 1.55

Long jump:

1st Jamellia Potts (Kaizen Panthers) 5.53,

2nd Anya Akili (Kaizen Panthers) 5.37

110m Hurdles:

1st Kerlon Ashby (Kaizen Panthers) 15.77,

2nd Ako Hislop (Kaizen Panthers) 16.76


1st Shakeem Murray (Protons) 35.19

High Jump:

1st Franklyn Stanislaus (Kaizen Panthers) 1.95,

2nd Kerlon Ashby (Kaizen Panthers) 1.90

Long jump:

1st Kerlon Ashby (Kaizen Panthers) 6.40,

2nd Shakeem Murray (Protons) 5.59



1st Jamellia Potts (Kaizen Panthers) 17.71,

2nd Kanisha Moses (Kaizen Panthers) 19.98,

3rd Junecia Innis (Zenith) 20.20


1st Kerneka Moses (Kaizen Panthers) 47.18,

2nd Junecia Innis (Zenith) 47.30


1st Shanika Belfon (Kaizen Panthers) 3:36.1

100m Hurdles:

1st  Anya Akili (Kaizen Panthers) 14.9,

2nd Jamellia Potts (Kaizen Panthers) 21.6


1st Aaron Lewis (Kaizen Panthers) 15.89,

2nd Jonathan Baker (Kaizen Panthers) 15.94,

3rd Ako Hislop (Kaizen Panthers) 16.04,

4th Mickel Davidson (Kaizen Panthers) 17.21

300m (two heats):

1st Dwight St. Hilaire (Kaizen Panthers) 33.41,

2nd Darryl Alfred (UTT) 34.16,

3rd Jonathan Baker (Kaizen Panthers) 35.86,

4th Franklyn Stanislaus (Kaizen Panthers) 36.07,

5th Kuniba Stewart (Kaizen Panthers) 36.59,

6th Nicholas Douglas (Kaizen Panthers) 36.75,

7th Mickell Davidson (Kaizen Panthers) 39.15,

8th Isaiah De Leon (Zenith) 39.20,

9th Shawndell Prescod (Unattached) 39.51,

10th Dwayne Drakes (Zenith) 43.86


1st Kenneil Billy (Unattached) 1:30.98,

2nd Kimo De Leon (Zenith) 1:38.26,

3rd Dwayne Drakes (Zenith) 1:48.40,

3rd Isaiah De Leon (Zenith) 1:56.84


1st Kenneil Billy (Unattached) 2:47.1,

2nd Elvis Turner (T'go Falcons) 2:48.3,

3rd J Roberts (Kaizen Panthers) 2:49.8,

4th Jediael Walters (Kaizen Panthers) 2:51.0 ,

5th Japhia Pierre (Kaizen Panthers) 2:52.7,

6th Dariel Des Vignes (Kaizen Panthers) 3:03.4,

7th Kimo De Leon (Zenith) 3:06.8,

8th Jakeem Sandy (Mason Hall) 3:16.0,

9th Mickel Caesar (Kaizen Panthers) 3:19.7 

110m Hurdles:

1st Aaron Lewis (Kaizen Panthers) 15.00

Shot put:

1st Kesean Phillips (Kaizen Panthers) 15.45