Secondary Schools' Track & Field 

4 x 200m Relay

Under 15Under 1717+

1st Bishop Anstey 2:02.44

​2nd Holy Name Convent P/F 2:03.36

3rd Toco Secondary 2:05.40

1st Bishop Anstey 2:01.49

2nd Toco Secondary 2:07.48

3rd Holy Name Convent, P/F 2:08.64

1st  Holy Name Convent POS 1:53.25

2nd Tranquility Secondary 1:57.15

3rd Bishop Anstey 1:57.85


1st  Queen's Royal College 1:49.44

2nd St. Benedict's College 1:54.74

​3rd St Anthony's College 1:56.11

1st Queen's Royal College 1:38.40

2nd San Juan North Secondary 1:43.13

3rd Cucupia Secondary 1:43.13

1st St. Benedict's College 1:33.32

2nd Trinity College, Moka 1:34.11

​3rd St Anthony's College 1L34.70


SSTF only


Distance Medley OPEN

GirlsBoys4 x 800m OPEN Male

1st  Toco Secondary 1:57.22 2

2nd Tranquility Secondary 2:00.76 3

3rd El Dorado East Secondary 2:01.61 

1st Presentation College S'Do 2:10.48

2nd El Dorado East Secondary 2:14.64

3rd Pent ecostal Light & Life Found 2:15.72

1st Signal Hill Secondary 8:58.34 
2nd Queen's Royal College 9:01.58 
3rd Toco Secondary 9:31.49


2023 SSTF Relay Festival

Date: February 09, 2023 
Venue: Hasely Crawford Stadium


SSTF's Relay Festival was held on Thursday 9th February 2023 at the Hasely Crawford Stadium, Port of Spain. This festival was unique due to the participation of schools from Jamaica, Barbados and Guyana, and was facilitated by the kind support of the Ministry of Sport and Community Development. Jamaica sent its champion schools from Boys and Girls Champs - Kingston College and Edwin Allen High School. Barbados was represented by Christ Church Foundation and St Michael School, while Guyana was represented by its top secondary schools athletes.
This Relay was a qualifying event for local schools to the National Championships.

 4 x 100m Relay

Under 13Under 15Under 1717+Clubs

1st St  Joseph's Convent,

S/F 1:18.35

1st  Toco Secondary 55.56

2nd Bishop Anstey 57.15

​3rd Holy Name Convent P/F 57.74

1st Holy Name Convent, POS 56.00

2nd Malabar Secondary 56.33

​3rd Bishop Anstey 56.74

1st  Edwin Allen Jamaica 47.45

2nd Guyana Schools 47.74

​3rd El Dorado East Sec. 53.59

1st Burnley 50.62

1st  Queen's Royal College 52.84

2nd Holy Cross College 53.73

​3rd St Anthony's College 53.79

1st Queen's Royal College 46.51

2nd El Dorado East Secondary 47.40

​3rd San Fernando West 48.36

1st  Queen's Royal College 42.11

2nd St. Benedict's College 44.34

​3rd Fatima College 45.19

1st Point Fotsin New Jets 41.57

2nd Appaloosa Athletics 41.75

3rd Elite Red 41.88

4 x 60m Shuttle Hurdles

Under 15Under 1717+

1st  65

1st St James Secondary 53.66
2nd Cunupia Secondary  1:01.24
3rd Toco Secondary 1:09.97

1st  San Juan North Secondary 52.41

2nd Cunupia Secondary 54.23

3rd Sangre Grande Secondary 57.16


1st  Q

1st Cunupia Secondary 41.35

2nd Toco Secondary 41.98

​3rd St Benedict's College 43.53

1st  Toco Secondary 38.78

2nd St. Benedict's College 39.20

​3rd Holy Cross College 40.95


Top School


1st Toco Secondary (222 points)

2nd Queen's Royal College (182 points)

3rd Bishop Anstey High School (120 points)   

1st QRC (182 points)

2nd Toco Secondary (108 points) 

3rd St Benedict's College (100 points) 

1st Bishop Anstey High School (15 points) 

2nd Toco Secondary​ (114 points)

3rd Holy Name Convent, P/Fortin (88 points)

4 x 400m

Under 15Under 1717+

1st  Bishop's Anstey  5:07.02
2nd Toco Secondary 5:16.35

3rd Holy Name Convent/ P/F 5:23.65

1st Bishop's Anstey 4:52.83
2nd Toco Secondary  5:32.77
3rd St Joseph Convent, S/F 5:34.11

1st  Holy Name Convent/ P/F 4;45.85

2nd: Mason Hall Secondary 5:01.02

3rd Speyside High School 5:11.88


1st  Queen's Royal College 4:24.54
2nd  St Benedict's College 4:28.06

3rd Toco Secondary 4:28.09

1st Queen's Royal College 3:59.47

2nd Fatima College 4:01.70
3rd: Toco Secondary 4:02.96

1st  Queen's Royal College  3:22.48

2nd St Francis Boys 3:23.34

3rd Trinity College East 3:28.88