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Photos courtesy: CLAYTON CLARKE/Sportscore Tobago

Taken at the Second NAAA Development Meet at the Hasely Crawford Stadium, Mucurapo, Port of Spain on Saturday, January 14, 2017.

Antonia Sealy (Cedros Secondary/Pt. Fortin New Jets) and Aeisha Colthrust (formerly of  Holy Faith Convent-Couva/Neon Wolves) led the performers at the Second NAAA (National Association of Athletic Administration) Development Meet at the Hasely Crawford Stadium, Mucurapo on Saturday, January, 14. Sealy took the girls under 18  long jump (5.08m), shot put (10.82) and javelin (35.06). The 2016 Pan American Combined Cup Girls  Youth (under 18) silver medalist finished ahead of Jeneil Morris of Memphis Pionners (4.55m) in the long jump. She defeated Rhonelle Nurse of Warriors (5.18m) in the shot put and another Warriors athlete Sherse Webb in the javelin (14.65).  At the 2016 Pan American Combined Cup in Toronto, Canada last June, Sealy set in a national under 16 record of 4411 points in finished second to another T&T athlete Anya Akili (Bishops High/Kaizen Panthers) who won with national under 18 record of 4483 points . Sealey also represented T&T at the 2016 Carifta Games in Grenada where as a 15 year old and finished eighth in the girls open heptathlon.

Colthrust landed the women's open long jump long jump (5.23), high jump (1.45) and 100m hurdles (16.21) titles. Last year's NAAA top under 16 track athlete Rae-Ann Serville (St. Joseph Convent-POS/Memphis Pioneers) sped away with the girls under 16 100m (12.41) and 200m (24.82). In the 100m Serville dominated the field  winning the the first of two heats and was more than half a second ahead of the next fastest, her club-mate Nicola Purcell (12.91), the winner of heat one. Samara Garcia (Pt. Fortin New Jets), 13.07 was third.  Serville then produced a more impressive performance in the 200m winning by more than a second and leading a Memphis Pioneers sweep of the top three places.  Purcell (26.09) finished second and Arianne Lucio (27.15) third. Serville was one of six athletes to record double wins. Her Memphis Pioneers team-mates Kion Benjamin (B U18 100-11.17/200m-22.97) and Janiel Morris (G U18 100m-12.43/200m-26.36), the Sangre Grande Secondary duo of Nathan King (B U16 high jump-1.25/long jump-3.76) and Anderson Subero (B U20 110m hurdles-17.61/Men 400m hurdles-1:02.03) and  Ayele Joseph of MAP (B U16 100m-11.27/200m-22.77).

Benjamin and his Memphis club-mates took the top three places in the boys under 18 200m. He won in 22.97 with Marcus Purcell (23.16) and Jabari Samuel (23.25) followed behind. Joseph looked smooth in his wins in the boys under 16 100m and 200m. In the longer sprinter he defeated last year's NAAA top boys under 16 track athlete of the year Shakeem Mc Kay (Memphis Pioneers), 22.77 to 22.80. Kester Richards (Pt. Fortin New Jets) 23.52 was third.  Richards was also second in the 100m (11.53) with Kern Cedeno (Fyzabad AS), 12.07.  Girls under 18 100m and 200m winner Morris missed out on third title after she had to settle for second in the girls unde r 18 long jump.

Subero also missed on a third gold when he was beaten in second in the men's long jump (6.20), taking silver behind the winner Dwayne Herbert of Warriors (6.84). Earlier Subero was victorious in the boys under 20 110m hurdles and the men's 400m hurdles.

Triple winners

  • Antonia Sealy (Pt. Fortin New Jets): G U18 long jump/shot put/javelin
  • Aeisha Colthrust (Neon Wolves): Women high jump/long jump/100m hurdles

 Double winners

  • Rae-Ann Serville (Memphis Pioneers): G U16 100m/200m
  • Ayele Joseph (MAP): B U16 100m/200m
  • Nathan King (Sangre Grande Sec): B U16 high jump/long jump
  • Anderson Subero (Sangre Grande Sec): B U20 110m hurdles/Men 400m hurdles
  • Kion Benjamin (Memphis Pioneers): B U18 100m/200m
  • Janiel Morris (Memphis Pioneers): G U18 100m/200m

The First Development Meet was held on Sunday, December, 11, 2016 at the Dwight Yorke Stadium, Bacolet. Safiya John (Kaizen Panthers) and Justin Guy (Kaizen Panthers) were the outstanding performers each victorious in three events. John won the girls under 18 high jump, long jump and 100m hurdles while Guy copped the boys under 16 150m and high jump and then won the boys under 18 110m hurdles. Carifta bronze medallist Anya Akili (Kaizen Panthers) missed on a trio of wins. Akili took the girls under 20 high jump and women's long jump but had to settle for second in the  girls under 20 long jump behind club-mate Jamellia Potts who also copped the women's 150m.

Akili and Potts were among several double winners on the day: Shernicah Seargant (T'go Jaguars)-G U14 150m/300m; Shakera Kirk (T'go Falcons)-G U16 shot put/discus; Ayla Stanislaus (Zenith)-G U18 150m/300m; Chloe Roberts (Zenith) -G U18 shot put/discus; Christopher Crawford (T'go Falcons)-B U16 shot put/discus; Shanika Belfon- G U16 300m/Women 1000m; Anya Akili (Kaizen Panthers)- G U20 high jump/Women 100m hurdles (second G U20 long jump; Jamellia Potts (Kaizen Panthers)-G U20 long jump/Women 150m; Konnel Jacob
 s (T'go Jaguars)-B U18 shot put/discus; Shaquille Benjamin (Kaizen Panthers)-B U18 high jump/long jump; Kerlon Ashby (Kaizen Panthers)-B U10 110m hurdles/long jump; Aaron Lewis (Kaizen Panthers)-Men 150m/110m hurdles and Kenneil Billy (Unattached)-Men 600m/1000m.

Benjamin recorded an impressive win in the boys under 18 high jump with a leap of 1.90m while Jacobs was outstanding in his victory in the boys under 18 discus with an effort of 44.62. Benjamin's distance matched the qualifying standard in the event for the 2016 Carifta Games while Jacob was over the 44.30 standard for the discus.

Second TTNAAA Development Meet
Hasely Crawford Stadium, Mucurapo
Saturday, January, 14
Results-Top Eight

Under 10


1st Jenna Marie-Thomas (IG Fastlane) 9.17,

2nd Soleil Aberdeeon (Genesis) 9.68,

3rd Teshawna Pope (Memphis Pioneers) 9.71,

4th Vahliesel Sorias (Genesis) 9.83,

5th Jadyne Joseph (Memphis Pioneers) 9.86,

6th Jaunita Paul (Speed Factory) 9.96,

7th Janiyah Spring (Memphis Pioneers)10.17,

8th Vennesis Allamby (Memphis Pioneers)/

Zara Nichols (Memphis Pioneers)10.56,


1st Jayden Moses (Abilene Wildcats) 9.03,

2nd Camejo (Memphis Pioneers) 9.20,

3rd Tamere Mendoza (Genesis) 9.29,

4th Elijah Gibbs Clarke (Memphis Pioneers) 9.37,

5th Jadon Core (Abilene Wildcats) 9.49,

6th Josiah Hunte (Abilene Wildcats) 9.53,

7th Chenaniah Syms (Speed Factory) 9.70,

8th Akido Smith (Abilene Wildcats) 9.74

Mixed 4x50m:

1st Abilene Wildcats A 33.26,

2nd Memphis Pioneers A 34.56,

3rd Memphis Pioneers B 36.50,

4th Abilene Wildcats B 37.05,

5th Fyzabad Stars 42.17

Under 12


1st Qalisha Jones (Oasics) 11.62,

2nd Amaya Mitchell (Abilene Wildcats) 11.77,

3rd Ayode Simmons (Memphis Pioneers) 11.79,

4th Khadija Lee (Genesis) 11.88,

5th  Zaria Francis (Fyzabad) 11.89,

6th Lesana Hodge (Max Athletic) 12.02,

7th Khadijah Cummings (I.G. Fast Lane) 12.03,

8th Hailey Lynch (Memphis Pioneers) 12.16


1st Daeshaun Cole (Abilene Wildcats)/ Antonio Smith (Abilene Wildcats) 11.19, 

3rd Giovanni Bobb-Semple (Abilene Wildcats) 11.46,

4th Jahiem Hunte (Abilene Wildcats) 11.53,

5th Jahiem Mc Farlane (Oasics) 11.56,

6th Oayshon  Roberts (Abilene Wildcats) 11.77,

7th Jeremiah Steele (Memphis Pioneers) 11.79,

8th Adin Gonzales (Abilene Wildcats) 11.88

Mixed 4x100m:

1st Abilene Wildcats A 56.76,

2nd IG Fast Lane 59.83,

3rd Oasics 59.93,

4th Abilene Wildcats B 1:00.06,

5th Memphis Pioneers A 1:00.14,

6th Memphis Pioneers B 1:01.31,

7th Fyzabad Athletics 1:04.96,

8th Memphis Pioneers C 1:06.78

9th Memphis Pioneers D 1:09.26,

10th Health Olympians 1:10.73

Under 14


1st Jaycelle Bailey (Pt Fortin New Jets) 12.06,

2nd Atiya Croal (Memphis Pioneers) 13.09,

3rd Carlissa Harry (Abilene Wildcats) 13.83,

4th Vanessa Stephens (Silver Bulletes) 13.95,

5th Kayah Charles (Memphis Pioneers) 13.99,

6th Chelsea Mukarji (Memphis Pioneers) 14.04,

7th Nzinga Charles (Abilene Wildcats) 14.14,

8th Kayla Caesar (Memphis Pioneers) 14.16


1st Atiya Croal (Memphis Pioneers) 26.9,

2nd Jaycelle Bailey (Pt. Fortin New Jets) 27.48,

3rd Vanessa Stephens (Silver Bullets) 28.70,

4th Janeil Bailey (Memphis Pioneers) 28.84,

5th Carlissa Harry (Abilene Wildcats) 29.03,

6th Janae Murray (Memphis Pioneers) 29.23,

7th Reneese Forde (Genesis) 29.42,

8th Nzinga Charles (Abilene Wildcats) 29.56


1st Asiel Gonzales (Abilene Wildcats) 12.80,

2nd Joshua Mascall (IG Fast Lane) 12.83,

3rd Wayne Edwards (Memphis Pioneers) 12.90,

4th Keone John (Memphis Pioneers) 13.01,

5th Tehir Charles (Abilene Wildcats) 13.24,

6th Kayne Ottley (Abilene Wildcats) 13.39,

7th Johan Pollinais (Oasics) 13.52, Adell Timothy (Memphis Pioneers)/

Tyrique Phillips (IG Fast Lane) 13.57


1st Keone John (Memphis Pioneers) 26.16,

2nd Joshua Mascall (Fyzabad AS) 26.26,

3rd Cyril Summer (Memphis Pioneers) 26.66,

4th Asiel Gonzales (Abilene Wildcats) 26.94,

5th Wayne Edwards (Memphis Pioneers) 27.15,

6th Kayne Ottley (Abilene Wilcats) 27.67,

7th Stefan Camejo (Memphis Pioneers) 28.14,

8th Emmamuel Samuel (Memphis Pioneers) 28.17

High jump:

1st Wayne Edwards (Memphis Pioneers) 1.50m,

2nd Keone John (Memphis Pioneers) 1.40,

3rd Deryck Ward (Toco TAFAC) 1.25,

4th Jaheim Hector (Sangre Grande Sec)/Gabriel Nanton (Memphis Pioneers) 1.15

Long jump:

1st Joshua Mascall (Fyzabad AS) 5.01,

2nd Obi Edwards (Fyzabad AS) 4.66,

3rd Omari Simmonds (Fyzabad) 4.54,

4th Wayne Edwards (Fyzabad AS) 4.21,

6th Jaheim Hector (Sange Grande Sec) 4.10,

7th Emmanuel Samuel (Memphis Pioneers) 4.02,

8th Jahrome Scotland (Fyzabad AS) 3.96

Shot put:

1st Nicholas Thomas (Sangre Grande Sec) 6.63

Under 16


1st Rae-Ann Serville (Memphis Pioneers) 12.41,

2nd Nicola Purcell (Memphis Pioneers) 12.91,

3rd Samara Garcia (Pt. Fortin New Jets) 13.07,

4th Arianne Lucio (Memphis Pioneers) 13.14,

5th J'Naia Millocks (Neon Wolves) 13.40,

6th Renecia Atkins (Memphis Pioneers) 13.70,

7th Jaelle Beckles (Neon Wolves) 14.10,

8th Shakirah Pierre (Memphis Pioneers)14.22


1st Rae-Ann Serville (Memphis Pioneers) 24.82,

2nd Nicola Pecell (Memphis Pioneers) 26.09,

3rd Arianne Lucio (Memphis Pioneers) 27.15,

4th Malika Coutain (Pt. Fortin New Jets) 27.66,

5th J'Naia Hillocks (Neon Wolves) 27.89,

6th Eden Bertette (Abilene Wildcats) 27.98,

7th Claudine Antoine (IG. Fastlane) 28.23,

8th Renecia Atkins (Memphis Pioneers) 28.26

400m :

1st Natasha Fox (Pt. Fortin New Jets) 59.59,

2nd Xea Bruce (Toco Titans) 1:01.48,

3rd Malika Coutain (Pt. Fortin New Jets) 1:03.67,

4th Jada James (Toco Titans) 1:05.34,

5th Janiel Bailey (Memphis Pioneers) 1:07.45,

6th Jada John (Abilene Wildcats) 1:07.74,

7th Kaylay John (Pt. Fortin New Jets) 1:08.69,

8th  Eden Bertete (Abilene Wildcats) 1:11.0


1st Jean Marie Farinha (Neon Wolves) 2:52.56,

2nd d Atiya Cummings (Unattached) 3:00.25

100m hurdles:

1st Patrice Richards (Neon Wolves) 15.01

Shot put:

1st Josoynia Fifi (Toco Titans) 11.43,

2nd Geshawna Francis (Pt. Fortin New Jets) 7.62,

3rd Malika Coutain (Pt. Fortin New Jets) 7.42

1000m Swedish Medley (1x1x3x4):

1st Pt. Fortin New Jets) 2:27.09


1st Ayele Joseph (MAP) 11.27,

2nd Kester Richards (Pt. Fortin New Jets) 11.53,

3rd Kern Cedeno (Fyzabad AS) 12.07,

4th Kaleel Forde (Neon Wolves) 12.41,

5th Kyle Beckles (Memphis Pioneers) 12.58,

6th Wilton Agard (Pt. Fortin New Jets) 12.65,

7th Ricardo Moore (Memphis Pioneers) 12.73,

8th Obi Edwards (Fast Lane) 12.85


1st Ayele Joseph (MAP) 22.77,

2nd Shakeem McKay (Memphis Pioneers) 22.80,

3rd Kester Richards (Pt. Fortin New Jets) 23.52,

4th Malachi Haywood (Pt. Fortin New Jets) 24.29,

5th Kern Cedeno (Fyzabad AS) 24.58,

6th Justin Sandy (Abilene Wildcats) 24.70,

7th Titus Augustine (Abilene Wildcats),

8th Rinaldo Moore (Memphis Pioneers) 25.22


1st Milachi Heywood (Pt. Fortin New Jets) 54.55,

2nd Shane Ashton (Speed Factory) 55.09,

3rd Kern Cedeno (Fast Lane) 55.37,

4th Justin Sandy (Abilene Wildcats) 56.07,

5th Mishak Peters (Abilene Wildcats) 56.81,

6th Isaiah Lewis (Memphis Pioneers) 56.25,

7th Kester Richards (Pt. Fortin New Jets) 58.53,

8th Caleb White (Abilene Wildcats) 59.40

High jump:

1st Nathan King (Sangre Grande Sec) 1.25

Long jump:

1st Nathan King (Sangre Grande Sec) 3.76

Shot put:

Nathaniel Mathura (D'Abadie Progressive) 10.24

1000m Swedish Medley (1x1x3x4):  

1st Fyzabad Athletic Stars 2:19.67,

2nd Oasics 2:33.11,

3rd Sangre Grande Sec 2:52.89

 Under 18


1st Janiel Morris (Memphis Pioneers) 12.43,

2nd Cheziah Phillip (Toco Titans) 12.63,

3rd J'da Browne (Memphis Pioneers) 12.71,

4th Mayalee Moses (Unattached) 13.29,

5th Kerneka Waldron (Toco Titans) 12.71,

6th Shakira Andrews (Memphis Pioneers) 15.12


1st Janiel Morris (Memphis Pioneers) 26.36,

2nd Rochelle Lewis (Abilene Wildcats) 26.61,

3rd J'da Brown (Memphis Pioneers) 27.05,

4th Kadesha Melville (Abilene Wildcats) 27.68,

5th Maylee Moses (Stallions) 28.36,

6th Destiny Sheppard (Abilene Wildcats)  28.55,

7th Kerneka Waldron (Toco Titans) 29.33,

8th Areyka Benjamin (Genesis) 30.07


1st Atiya Cummings (Genesis) 1:06.53,

2nd Areyka Benjamin (Unattached) 1:13.14,

3rd Aneika Archibald (Health Olympians) 1:25.38

100m hurdles:

1st Cheziah Phillip (Toco Titans) 14.92

Long jump:

1st Antonia Sealy (Pt. Fortin New Jets) 5.08,

2nd Jeneil Morris (Memphis Pioneers) 4.55

Shot put:

1st Antonia Sealy (Pt. Fortin New Jets) 10.82,

2nd Rhonelle Nurse (Warriors) 5.18


1st Antonia Sealy (Pt. Fortin New Jets) 35.06,

2nd Sherese Webb (Warriors) 14.65


1st Kion Benjamin (Memphis Pioneers) 11.17,

2nd Nathanael Charles (Sangre Grande Sec) 11.30,

3rd Marcus Purcell (Memphis Pioneers) 11.40,

4th Tyrese Rawlins (Neon Wolves) 11.60,

5th Tyrese Trotman (Sangre Grande Sec) 11.94,

6th Elton James (Sangre Grande Sec) 11.95,

7th Renaldo Charles (Fast Lane) 12.00,

8th Amare Jerome (Neon Wolves) 12.08


1st Kion Benjamin (Memphis Pioneers) 22.97,

2nd Marcus Purcell  (Memphis Pioneers) 23.16,

3rd Jabari Samuel  (Memphis Pioneers) 23.25,

4th Nathanael Charles (Sangre Grande Sec) 23.54,

5th Hakeem Stewart (Genesis) 23.71,

6th Jamelle Donald (Abilene Wildcats) 23.87,

7th Amare Jerome (Neon Wolves) 24.73,

8th Adiel Gonzales (Abilene Wildcats) 25.01


1st Avindale Smith (Abilene Wildcats) 50.73,

2nd Akil Boisson (Memphis Pioneers) 51.76,

3rd Christian George (Memphis Pioneers) 54.27,

4th Aarin Simon (Memphis Pioneers) 54.49,

5th Josiah Edwards (Abilene Wildcats) 54.95,

6th Adiel Gonzales (Abilene Wildcats) 55.74,

7th Hakeem Stewart (Genesis) 57.14,

8th Zidane Charles (Sangre Grande Sec) 58.07


1st Ricardo Placide (Track Stars) 2:07.68,

2nd Tyrese Bernard (D'Abadie Progressive) 2:15.48,

3rd Nkosi Olatunji (Silver Bullets) 2:16.45,

4th Jabari Fox (Pt. Fortin New Jets) 2:17.29,

5th Xavier Yorke (Speed Factory) 2:18.53,

6th Jeauntileux Lewis (Abilene Wildcats) 2:19.50,

7th Malachi Lam (Pt. Fortin New Jets) 2:23.42

110m hurdles:

1st Tyrese Rawlins (Neon Wolves) 15.74,

2nd Tyrese Trotman (Sangre Grande Sec) 18.29

400m hurdles:

1st Tyrese Trotman (Sangre Grande Sec) 1:15.07

2nd Renaldo Charles (Fyzabad AS) 1:15.83

Long jump:

1st Josiah Edwards (Abilene Wildcats) 6.49,

2nd Joel Andrews (D'Abadie Progressive) 5.96,

3rd Hakem Mc Lean (D'Abadie Progressive) 5.44

Shot put:

1st Joel Andrews (D'Abadie Progressive )11.30,

2nd Osaso Baptiste (Silver Bullets) 9.84, 

3rd Hakim McLean (D'Abadie Progressive) 9.10


1st Nathaniel Mathura (D'Abadie Prossive) 47.27,

2nd Darius White (Warriors) 2.04

Under 20

Shot put:

1st Akidah Briggs (Toco Titans) 12.17,

2nd Makida Alexander (Warriors) 8.15

110m hurdles:

1st Anderson Subero (Sangre Grande Sec) 17.61,

2nd Terick George (Pt. Fortin New Jets) 18.61



1st Akeera Esdelle (Pt. Fortin New Jets) 12.22,

2nd Jendayi Noel (Speed Factory) 12.35,

3rd Karista Thomas (Speed Factory) 12.64,

4th Danae David (UWI) 12.84,

5th Curfia Joseph (Stallion) 13.21,

6th Nicole Alleyne-Noreiga (Memphis Pioneers)14.54


1st Jael Ferguson (Abilene Wildcats) 24.61,

2nd Josiah Mc Sween (Abilene Wildcats) 25.68,

3rd Jerisa James (Memphis Pioneers) 26.00,

4th Karista Thomas (Speed Factory) 26.18,

5th Danae David (UWI) 26.71,

6th Anthinise Barker (Abilene Wildcats) 26.77,

7th Curfia Joseph (Stallions) 27.14,

8th Antonia Barke (Abilene Wildcats) 27.54


1st Renee Stoddard (Speed Factory) 58.35,

2nd Jerisa James (Memphis Pioneers) 59.13,

3rd Tia Honore (Abilene Wildcats) 1:01.72,

4th Akeera Esdelle (Pt. Fortin New Jets) 1:04.71,

5th Jael Ferguson (Abilene Wildcats) 1:06.93


1st Patrice Quamie (Neon Wolves) 2:47.35


1st Shania Leslie (MAP) 13:30.48,

100m hurdles:

1st Aeisha Colthrust (Neon Wolves) 16.21

High jump:

1st Aeisha Colthrust (Neon Wolves) 1.45

Long jump:

1st Aeisha Colthrust (Neon Wolves) 5.23,

2nd Criselle Lall Rago (Unacched) 4.62

Shot put:

1st Cherisse Murray(Toco TAFAC) 13.00


1st  Bevon Gordon (Memphis Pioneers) 11.02,

2nd Renaldo Alleyne-Noreiga (Memphis Pioneers) 11.06,

3rd Michael Sealy (Speed Factory) 11.08,

4th Keston Black (Unattached)/Onil Mitchell (Pt. Fortin New Jets) 11.25,

6th Adrian Yearwood (Memphis Pioneers) 11.28, 

7th Allan Huggins (Warriors) 11.29,

8th Akini Spencer (Unattached) 11.43


1st Jacob St. Clair (Abilene Wildcats) 21.58w,

2nd Avindal Smith (Abilene Wildcats) 22.04w,

3rd Jahi Hernandez (Abilene Wildcats) 22.24,

4th Daniel Garraway (Speed Factory) 22.45,

5th Nicholas Drayton (Abilene Wildcats) 22.58,

6th Daniel Gibbs (Mustangs) 22.61,

7th Akeni Spencer (Unattached) 22.70,

8th Jonathan La Croix (Abilene Wildcats) 22.88


1st Jerod Elcock (Abilene Wildcats) 49.29,

2nd Zidane Martin (IG Fast Lane) 50.80,

3rd Myles Jackson (Memphis Pioneers) 50.84,

4th Andrew Holder (UWI) 51.34,

5th Jeron Emais (Pt. Fortin New Jets) 52.79,

6th Isaiah Phillips (Abilene Wildcats) 53.32,

7th Omarley Hamilton (Warriors) 53.34,

8th David Serrant (UWI) 54.13


1st Daniel Gibbs (Mustangs) 1:58.74,

2nd Kashief King (Pt. Fortin New Jets) 2:01.38,

3rd Khafra Enensatefaab (QRC) 2:02.46,

4th Kyron Valentine (Silver Bullets) 2:08.87,

5th Onal Mitchell (Pt. Fortin New Jets) 2:09.90,

6th Akim Assim (Stallions) 2:14.48


1st Jonathan Antoine (Speed Factory (4:33.78),

2nd Justin Parks (Sangre Grande Sec) 4:51.68,

3rd Kmanuel Madoo (Toco Titans) 4:52.37,

4th Michael Stern (Toco Titans) 5:11.89

400m hurdles:

1st Anderson Subero (Sangre Grande Sec) 1:02.03,

2nd Justin Parks (Sangre Grande Sec)  1:07.86,

3rd Kendell Clement (Fyzabad AS) 1:11.19

High jump:

1st Kristian La Touche (Memphis Pioneers) 1.90.

2nd Joel Adrews (D'Abadie Progressive) 1.65 

Long jump:

1st Dwight Herbert (Warriors) 6.84,

2nd Anderson Subero (Sangre Grande Sec) 6.20,

3rd Kristophe La Touche (Memphis Pioneers) 5.96,

4th Alan Huggins (Warriors) 5.85


1st Sherwin Marshall (TTDF) 36.36,

2nd Osaso Baptiste (Silver Bullets) 25.63

1600m Sprint Medley (1x1x3x4):

1st Memphis Pioneers A 3:36.20,

2nd Speed Factory 3:39.61,

3rd Memphis Pioneers B 3:46.18,

4th Sangre Grande Sec 4:31.76. 

Sherwin Marshall won the men's javelin
Sherwin Marshall (TTDF) captured the men's javelin.

Andrews in the men's high jump
Joel Andrews (D'Abadie Progressive) was second in the men's high jump.

Abilene wins mixed U10 4x50m
 Third and four leg relay runners of the victorious Abilene Wildcats team in action in the mixed under 10 4x50m relay 

Dwayne Herbert wins men's long jump
Men's long jump wiinner Dwayne Herbert (Dovers) in action in the men's long jump.

Sealey takes G U18 javelin
Antonia Sealy (Pt. Fortin New Jets)  take the winning throw in the girls under 18 javelin. Sealy also captured the girls unde 18 shot put and long jump. 


Antoine wins men's 1500m
Jonathan Antoine (Speed Factory), winner of the men's 1500m,  ahead of the field. 

Morris won G U18 100m & 200m
Janiel Morris of Memphis Pioneers (right) on her way to victory in the girls under 18 200m ahead of Rochelle Lewis of Abilene Wildcats (left). Morris also won the 100m. 

Joseph won B U16 100m & 200m
Ayele Joseph (MAP) captured the boys under 16 100m and 200m sprints .

Phillip & Richards in the 100m hurdles
Cheziah Phillip of Toco Titans (left) was the overall winner of the 100m hurdles ahead of Patrice Richards of Neon Wolves (right). Phillip was also first in the girls under 18 division and Richards was the top under 16 finisher.

Serville-G U16 100m & 200m 
Rae-Ann Serville of Memphis Pioneers (centre) captured the girls under 16 100m and 200m titles. In her 100m, Seville won heat one with J'naia Hillocks of Neon Trackers (right) was second and Hayley John of Pt. Fortin New Jets (left) was fourth. 

Trinidad & Tobago Secondary Schools'

Track & Field Association

Under 10 60m competitors
Competitors for the girls and boys under 10 60m events await the start of races .

Sealy and Colthrust treble winners at Second NAAA Meet

by Clayton Clarke (​​; 17.1.17

Colthurst wins women's LJ
Aeisha Colthrust (Neon Wolves) on her way to victory in the women's long jump. Colthurst also won the women's long jump and 100m hurdles disciplines.