Rogers on her way to victory in Girls U16 4Km
Joanna Rogers (Cougars) on her way to winning the girls race of the Under 16 4Km 

(Wed Dec 7): Matthew Pulchan (Palo Seco/Pt. Fortin West Sec) and Joanna Rogers (Cougars/St. Francois Girls) ran away with the boys and girls under 16 4km (two laps) at the 2016 NAAA Cross Country Championships at the Queen's Park Savannah, Port of Spain on Sunday, December 4.  Pulchan claimed the boys' race in 15 minutes 6 seconds (15:06) beating  Genesis Joseph (Belmont Boys Sec), 15:17 and Ethan Forde (Cougars/Fatima),15:24 into second and third places respectively. Pulchan started slowly as his Palo Seco team-mate Jordan Cooper took the lead ahead of Joseph and Jamal Goita (Toco Titans). Pulchan made his way up the field and was joint second with Goita and Cooper with one lap to go as Joseph went ahead of the race.  The Point Fortin West Secondary second form student pulled away from his rivals in the second and final loop to take the gold. The victory is the third for Pulchan for the season as he captured the Secondary Schools Cross-Country Under 16 title at the same venue on October 16 and the 5K crown on November 20. 

Pulchan was elated on his trio of wins. "So far I have been performing real good." The Rousillac village resident is coached by his uncle George Smith was ninth in the men's race and is looking forward to train hard and make his family proud in the 2017 track and field season. He plans to compete int he 800m, 1500m and 5000m.

Jakeem Sandy (Mason Hall Police Youth Club) was the top under 14 performer, finessing in 8th in 15:56 ahead of the Palo Seco pair of Joshua St. Clair (9th-16:04) and Kwame Swamber (10th-16:10).

Joanna Rogers secured the girls' top prize in 17:16 ahead of the Memphis Pioneers duo of Rae-Ann Serville (27:37) and Janeil Bailey (18:21). Serville made a bid for gold taking an early lead. However, the 2016 National Junior girls under 16 triple champion (100mH, 400m, 200m), could not fend off Rogers who finished strong to take the spot. Rogers said he achieved her goal of winning the race. "I believe I performed well. I set a goal to come out here and be the champion and I was able to succeed." Rogers was 18th overall. The 2016 Carifta Girls Under 18 800m finalist was pleased with performances this year. "Was a good year. My goal to run 56 (seconds) in the 400m but I ran 55.67. I made the Carifta Girls Under 18 team as a under 16 athlete. I thought that was a really good achievement. Just being there and having the experience was good." The third form student at St. Francois Girls College is aiming at winning medals in the girls under 18 400m and 800m at next year's Carifta Games in Curacao. Rogers resides in Diego Martin.

Bailey was the top under 14 girls with Zahra Gaskin (Richard Jones Running) in second and Danielle Bailey (Silver Bullets), third.

Under 16 Two laps (4Km)
Girls: 1st Joanna Rogers (Cougars) 17:16, 2nd Rae-Ann Serville (Memphis Pioneers) 17:37, 3rd Janeil Bailey (Memphis Pioneers) 18:21, 4th Zara Gaskin (Richards JR) 18:59, 5th Danielle Bailey (Silver Bullets) 19:03, 6th Christie Marie Maharaj (Silver Bullets) 19:11, 7th Kristian Smith (Cougars) 19:18, 8th Caliyah Wallace (Cougars) 19:23, 9th Cassandra Joseph (Toco Titans) 19:19, 10th Octavia Cambridge (Cougas) 20:20, 11th Faith Deane (Silver Bullets) 20:40, 12th Kellian Murray (Mason Hall P.Y.) 21:08, 13th Rachel Grosberg (Richard JR) 21:15, 14th Jada James (Toco Titans) 22:35, 15th Arianne Rocke (Richard JR) 23:10, 16th Shaquana Olton (Toco Titans) 23:22, 17th Arekya Bejamin (Memphis Pioneers) 23:23, 18th Ronecia Atzzs (Air Bon Sonics) 23:35, 19th Nda Sheppard (Richard JR) 24:21, 20th Shaniqua Bascombe (Cougars) 24:38, 21st Renecia Atkins (Memphis Pioneers) 29:50, 22nd Jamila Cox (Burnley) 31:09

Boys: 1st Matthew Pulchan (Petrotrin) 15:06, 2nd Genesis Joseph (Belmont Boys) 15:17, 3rd Ethan Forde (Cougars) 15:24, 4th Jamal Goita (Toco Titans) 15:25, 5th Jordan Cooper (Palo Seco) 15:36, 6th Nkosi Olantunju (Silver Bullets) 15:37, 7th Kyle Paul (Memphis Pioneers), 8th Jakeem Sandy (Mason Hall P.Y.) 15:56, 9th Josiah St. Clair (Palo Seco) 16:04, 10th Kwame Swanber (Palo Seco) 16:10, 11th Jemell Boatswain (Silver Bullets) 16;14, 12th Cyril Sunner (Memphis Pioneers) 16:18, 13th Darius Wiggins (Memphis Pioneers) 16:23, 14th Kevin Robinson (Toco Titans) 16:28, 15th James Walters(Toco Titans) 16:50, 16th Michael Stanley (Toco Titans) 16.55, 17th Israel Scott (Cougars) 17:15, 18th Tevin Scott (Cougars) 17:16, 19th Jervon Jacks (Cougars) 17:29, 20th John Walters (Mason Hall P.Y.) 17:34, 21st Tyrele Metinas (Cougars) 17:42, 22nd Raheem Lockhart (Silver Bullets) 17:50, 23rd Stefan Camejo (Memphis Pioneers) 17:58, 24th Antwon Federick (Cougars) 18:01, 25th Javarki Alfred (Mason Hall P.Y.) 18:11, 26th Kern Cedenio (FAST) 18:24, 27th Wayne Edwards (Memphis Pioneers) 18:28, 28th Jkwon Bailey (FAST) 18:29, 29th Kyle Francis (Toco Titans) 18:39, 30th Tahir Edwards (Mason Hall P.Y.) 18:41, 31st Luke Bardouille (Silver Bullets) 18:48, 32nd Kaielle Elliott (FAST) 18:56, 33rd Omari Simmons (Silver Bulleets) 19:03, 34th Jahrone Scotland (FAST) 19:12, 35th Joshua Small (Silver Bullets) 19:12,  36th Jovan Westfield (Cougars) 19:13, 37th Joel Laloo (Toco Titans) 19:19, 38th Theron O'Brien (Air Bon Sonics) 19:26, 39th Micah Lewis (Silver Bullets) 19:45, 40th Josaiah Thomas (Cougars) 20:05, 41st Ob Edwards (FAST) 20:10, 42nd Tyron Ragoo (Toco Titans) 20:11, 43rd Darrion Thomas (Cougars) 20:13, 44th Dominic Guevara (Cougars) 20:25, 45th Chazz Alexander (Palo Seco) 20:35, 46th Gabriel Nanton (Memphis Pioneers) 20:38, 47th Zenric Reid (Burnley) 20:39, 48th Joshua Box (Burnley) 20:39, 49th Aaron Mohammed (Sangre Grande Sec) 20:40, 50th Corey Hodges (Sangre Grande Sec) 21:07, 51st Jalon Alleyne (Genesis) 21:17, 52nd Samuel Blanch (Burnley) 22:14, 53rd Jaheim Hector (Sangre Grande Sec) 22:45, 54th Kareem Mason (Richard JR) 23:12, 55th Chad Marchack (Richard JR) 24:13, 56th Akeem Corbin (Memphis Pioneers) 25:55, 57th Jayden Logan (Silver Bullets) 30:26, 58th Jeskiaih Johnson (Silver Bullets) 30:44, 59th Derell O'Brien (Air bon Sonics) 30:54

Pulchan with gold medal
Matthew Pulchan (Palo Seco) after he received his gold medal for his victory in the boys race of the Under 16 4Km 

Pulchan on his way to victory in the U16 4Km
Winner Matthew Pulchan (Palo Seco) leads the field in the boys race of U16 4Km

Trinidad & Tobago Secondary Schools'

Track & Field Association

Photos courtesy-SPORTSCORE TOBAGO 
Taken  at the 2016 NAAA Cross Country Championships at the Queen's Park Savannah, Port of Spain on Sunday, December 4.

Pulchan and Rogers claim NAAA Cross-Country U16 4Km.

by Clayton Clarke (​​; 01.12.16

Joseph leading B U16 4Km after One lap
Genesis Joseph of Belmont Boys Sec (right) leading after one lap of the the Boys U16 4Km race. Behind him are from left: Ethan Forde (Cougars), Jordan Cooper (Palo Seco), Matthew Pulchan (Palo Seco) and Jamal Goita (Toco Titans). 

Rogers and Pulchan celebrate victory in the U16 4Km.
Joanna Rogers of Cougars (left) and Matthew Pulchan of Palo Seco (right) celebrate their victories at the 2016 NAAA Cross Country Championships. Rogers took the girls race while Pulchan copped the boys version. 

Start of Under 16 4Km
Competitors await the start of the Under 16 4Km at the 2016 NAAA Cross Country Championships at the Queen's Park Savannah, Port of Spain on Sunday, December 4.