Nero and Johnson win first leg of NAAA Cross-Country

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Athletes in action
Competitors in the Junior men's 6Km run at the 2012 NAAATT National Cross Country Championships  at the Queen's Park Savannah, Port of Spain.

Men's 4K-Winner-Kelvin Johnson
Kelvin Johnson secured the men's 4Km run at the First leg of the NAAATT Cross-Country Series at the Queen's Park Savannah, Port of Spain on Sunday October 30.


Winner of the ladies 4K-Tonya Nero
Tonya Nero (Athletic Central) won the ladies 4Km run at the First leg of the NAAATT Cross-Country Series at the Queen's Park Savannah, Port of Spain on Sunday October 30.


Trinidad & Tobago Secondary Schools'

Track & Field Association

PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad: Tonya Nero (Athletics/ Central) and Kelvin Johnson (T&T Road Runners Club) were among the winners at the First leg of the NAAATT (National Association of Athletic Administration of Trinidad and Tobago) Cross-Country Series at the Queen's Park Savannah on Sunday (October 30). Nero took the women's 4Km run in 16 minus 35 seconds (16.35) while Johnson secured the men's event in 15.06 seconds. Nero finished ahead of RJR pair of Samantha Shukla (17.08) and Lindsay Mile (17.48). The ASJA Girls High graduate continued her success on the grass after her second place finish at the UWI SPEC  International half-marathon one week earlier.  The T&T's top cross-country and distance runner beat out another top rated local distance competitor Shukla, a past student of South East POS Secondary and St. Joseph Convent-Port of Spain. Both Nero and Shukla were team-mates while students at Wichita State University in Kansas, USA. Nero graduated with a bachelor's degree in chemistry with also earned a bachelor's degree (minor in psychology and major in sport management). 

Johnson was first across the line in the men's race. The Guyanese runner finished ahead of Colin Pereira (Unattached) 15.08 and Shirvan Baboolal (RJR) 15.11. Veteran Jules La Rode (Zc Athletics), 15.13 and last year's winner, Qunicy Elliott (TTDF), 15.15 followed behind. Ninety-96 (96) runners completed the two lap race. 

Aypde Simmons out-ran the boys to win the under 18 2km. The Memphis Pioneers Athletic club girl was first overall in 11.06 to finish ahead of the top boy, club mate Elijah Edwards (11.08). Memphis Pioneers dominated the boys race taking top four spots as Edwards got to the line in front of Shane Camejo (11.09, Addhan Nanton (11.26) and Akeem Corbin (11.28). Simmons prevented a similar sweep by Newtown Athletic club of the top four places in the girls race as Arielle Edwards finished in second (11.33) ahead of twin sister Adalia (11.45) and Signourey Williams (12.04). 

Silver Bullets retained the girls under 14 4x1 lap relay with a time of 32.22 holding off the might of three Cougars teams. Cougars-1 was second (40.35) ahead of Cougars-2 (40.56) and Cougars -3 (47.33).  Memphis Pioneers landed the boys title (32.31) to deny last year's winners Silver Bullets (33.09). Cougars-1 (36.06) and Cougars-2 (36.08) finished in third and fourth. Cougars and Petrotrin Palo Seco won back to back titles in the under 16 division. Cougars secured the girls under 16 class (36.58) ahead of Matelot Community School (42.48) and Newtown (45.28) while Petrotrin (20.32) to the finish line ahead of Silver Bullets (31.20) and Cougars-1 (31.25). 

Cougars claimed the under 18/20 girls competition (34.39) while Silver Bullets (29.17) ran way with the boys equivalent in front of Sangre Grande Sec (31.04) and Petrotrin Palo Sec (31.28).

In the Open Category Athletic Central (34.39) were the winners in the ladies race. University of Trinidad and Tobago-UTT (40.53) and Speed Factory (42.57) were second and third. Speed Factory (27.25) captured the men's crown ahead of UTT-1 (28.02) and Cougars (28.27). 

Sunday's Cross-County Leg One was the first event on the NAAA 2016/2017 calendar of events. Leg Two is carded for the Mt. Irvine Golf Course in Tobago on November 13 with the third and final leg, the National Cross-Country Championships at the Queen's Park Savannah on December 4. 

NAAA Cross-Country Series #1 RESULTS

Under 18:

1st Aypde Simmons (Memphis Pioneers) 11.06, 
2nd Arielle Edwards (Newtown) 11.33, 
3rd Adalia Edwards (Newtown) 11.45, 
4th Sigourney Williams (Newtown) 12.04, 
5th Tia Luke (Health Olympians) 12.09, 
6th Anastasia Timothy (Health Olympians) 12.20, 
7th Xanicia Williamas (Newtown) 12.35, 
8th Khadija Lee (Genesis) 13.14, 
9th Deneisha Wililams (Genesis) 13.20, 
10th Zaria Francis (Fyzabad Stars) 13.22, 
11th Curniceia Charles (Cougars) 13.50, 
12th Shenille Joseph (Unattached) 14.06,  
13th Shamia Joseph (Unattached) 14.35, 
14th Kimora Bute (Health Olympians) 14.37, 
15th Julie Richardson (Health Olympians) 14.40,             
25th Candise Prosper (Unattached) 14:53.

1st  Elijah Edwards (Memphis Pioneers) 11.08, 
2nd  Shane Camejo (Memphis Pioneers) 11.09,

3rd Addhan Nanton (Memphis Pioneers) 11.26,

4th Akeem Corbin (Memphis Pioneers) 11.28,

5th Jeremiah Grant (Newtown) 11.29,

6th  Shane Dember (Memphis Pioneers) 12.07,               

7th Isisah Toussiant (Newtown) 12.11,

8th Kareem Alexander (Fyzabad Stars) 13.29,

9th Ajey Francis (Fyzabad Stars) 14.23


4K (2 laps)


1st Tonya Nero (Athletics Central) 16.35,         

2nd Samantha Shukla (RJR) 17.08,

3rd Lindsay Miles (RJR) 17.48,

1st Kelvin Johnson (TTRRC) 15.06,

2nd Colin Pereira (Unattached) 15.08,

3rd Shirvan Baboolal (RJR) 15.11,

4th Jules La Rode (ZC Athletics) 15.13,

5th Quincy Elliott (TTDF) 15.15,

6th Jasette Bromfield (One-A-Week) 15.20,

7th Kriston Yakerhim (Sangre Grande) 15.33,

8th Anthony Phillip (Unattached) 15.36,

9th Jameel Cupidore (UTT) 15.45,

10th Kyle Stanley (UTT) 15.56,

11th Samuel Ali (Athletics Central) 15.57,

12th Keanu Otero (RJR) 15.59,

13th Miles Jackson (Memphis Pioneers) 16.11,

14th Jude Rogers (Mango Tree Fitness) 16.23,

15th Genesis Joseph (Belmont Boys Sec) 16.37,          

16th Nigel Simon (TTRRC) 16.38,

17th Colim Brumant (Striders) 16.53,

18th Justin Parks (Sangre Grande Sec) 16.59,

19th Kyle Paul (Memphis Pioneers) 17.01,

20th Oneil Deshong (Abilene Wildcats) 17.37,

21st Daniel Gibbs (Mustangs) 17.56,

22nd Aaron Simon (Memphis Pioneers) 17.59,

23rd Jamal Martinez (Silver Bulletts) 18.15,


4x1 lap relay

Under 14

1st Silver Bullets 39.22,

2nd Cougars-1 40.35,

3rd Cougars-2 40.56,

4th Cougars-3 47.33,

5th Fyzabad Stars 50.30,

6th Memphis  Pioneers 50.58

1st Memphis Pioneers-1 32.31,

2nd Silver Bullets 33.09,

3rd Cougars-1 36,06,

4th Cougars-2 36.08,

5th Fyzabad Stars-1 37.29,

6th Cougars-3 37.33,

7th Memphis Pioneers-2 37.34,

8th Petrotrin Palo Sec-1 37.58,

9th Cougars-3 39.14, 10th Burnley 39.32,

11th Petrotrin Palo Sec-2 42.13,

12th Fyzabad Stars-2 42.15,

13th Sangre Grande Sec 43.39,

14th Newtown 43.46,

15th Fyzabad Stars-3 43.54

Under 16

1st Cougars Girls 36.58,

2nd Maletot Community School 42.48,         

3rd Newtown 45.28

1st Petrotrin Palo Seco 29.32,

2nd Silver Bullets 31.20,

3rd Cougars-1 31.25,

4th Cougars-2 33.12,

5th Fyzabad 34.44,

6th  Matelot Community School  37.12      

Under 18 & U20       

1st  Cougars 34.39

1st Silver Bullets 29.17,

2nd Sangre Grande Sec 31.04,

3rd Petrotirn Palo Sec 31.28,

4th Cougars 31.44


1st Athletics Central Women 34.39,

2nd UTT 40.53,

3rd Speed Factory 42.57

1st Speed Factory 27.25,

2nd UTT-1 28.02,

3rd Cougars 28.27,

4th Mustangs 29.23,

5th  UTT-2 32.07,

6th Genesis 34.20,

7th ,

8th Fyzabad Stars 37.55