Multiple Carifta medallist Akidah Briggs (Toco Secondary/Toco Titans) captured the girls under 20 shot put (11.78), just short of her 12.17 victory at the Second Development Meet. Tyrese Rawlins (Neon Wolves) raced to back to back wins in the boys under 18 100m hurdles, first clocking 15.74  on January 14 and then improving  to 14.98 on January 21. Josiah Edwards (QRC/Abilene Wildcats) lept to consecutive victories in the boys under 18 long jump (6.49-Second Development Meet/6.30-Fourth Development Meet). Jerod Elcock (Abilene Wildcats) won the men's 400m (49.29-Second Dev Meet) and 100m (10.7-Fourth Dev Meet). 

Xea Bruce (Toco Sec/Toco Titans) beat the field the girls under 16 400m (1:00.26) improving from her second place finish at the Second Development Meet.  Girls under 16 100/200m winner at the Second Development Meet, Rae-Ann Serville (St. Joseph Convent-POS, had to settle for second in the girls under 16 100m at the Fourth Development Meet. Serville finished second quickest (12.55) behind Shaniqua Bascombe (Cougars) 12.41.

The Fifth NAAA Development Meet (Combined Events) is set for the Hasely Crawford Stadium, Mucurapo on January 28 and 29.

Complete results:

Compiled results
Fourth Development Meet
Hasely Crawford Stadium, Mucurapo
Sat Jan 21

Under 10     

60m (four heats):

1st Jenna-Marie Thomas (IG. Fastlane) 9.24,

2nd Jenique Mc Mc Laren (Toco TAFAC) 9.55,

3rd Teshawna Pope (Memphis Pioneers) 9.90,

4th Jeniece Burton (Cougars) 9.95,

5th Jennia Mc Lauren (Cougars)  9.97,

6th Lenika Acres (Burnley) 9.99,

7th Jadyne Joseph (Abilene Wildcats)  10.17,

8th Janiyah Spring (Memphis Pioneers) 10.20

60m (four heats):

1st Makaelon Woods (Cougars) 9.19,

2nd Jayden Moses (Abilene Wildcats) 9.33,

3rd Shane Camejo (Memphis Pioneers) 9.55,

4th Arrin Hosein (Silver Bullets) 9.71,

5th Jordell Westfield (Cougars) 9.84,

6th Josiah Huntes (Abilene Wildcats) 9.85,

7th Akido Smith (Abilene Wildcats) 9.86,

8th Jadon Coa (Abilene Wildcats) 9.93

Mixed 4x50m Relay:

1st Cougars 31.48,

2nd Silver Bullets 34.77,

3rd Abilene Wildcats A 35.78,

4th Memphis Pioneers  A 35.82,

5th Memphis Pioneers B  36.05,

6th Toco TAFAC 37.25,

7th Abilene Wildcats B 37.56

Under 12

80m (five heats):

1st Janika Jordan (Cougars) 11.20,

2nd Sahara Olilver (Striders) 11.65,

3rd Gianna Paul (D'Abadie Progressive) 11.75,

4th Ayode Simmons (Memphis Pioneers) 11.82,

6th Fatima Springer (Cougars) 11.90,

7th Abigail Burton (Cougars) 12.17,

8th Amaya Mitchell (Abilene Widlcats) 12.40

80m (five heats):

1st Antonio Smith (Abilene Wildcats) 11.29

2nd Imani Mathews (Toco Titans) 11.37,

3rd Trevon Stewart (Burnley) 11.38,

4th Tyrell Springer (Cougars0 11.55,

5th Giovanni Bobb-Semple (Abilene Wildcats) 11.57,

6th Khalif Danglade (Cougars) 11.63,

7th Jahim McFarlane (Oasics) 11.64,

8th Cristiano Phillips (Memphis Pioneers) 11.75

Under 14

100m (three heats):

1st Natasha Fox (Pt. Fortin New Jets) 13.14,

2nd Atiya Croal (Memphis Pioneers) 13.41,

3rd Vanessa Stephens (Silver Bullets) 13.78.

4th Jenissa Kadoo (Simplex) 13.93,

5th Chelsea Mukerji (Memphis Pioneers) 14.14,

6th Kianna Llwellyn (Cougars) 14.21,

7th Chelsea Wellington (Burntey) 14.39,

8th Kayah Charles  (Memphis Pioneers) 14.39,


1st Jade Lawrence (Newtown) 16.87

100m (six heats):

1st Darius Joseph (Eastonians) 12.71,

2nd Jorvan Westfield (Cougars) 13.01,

3rd Cyril Summers (Memphis Pioneers) 13.25,

4th Keston Chase (Cougars) 13.28,

5th Keone John (Memphis Pioneers) 13.37,

6th Asreal Bruce (Unattached)  13.42,

7th Wayne Edwards (Memphis PIoneers) 13.53

Shot put:

1st Raphael Reynolds (Newtown) 6.11


1st Raphael Reynolds (Newtown) 11.97

High jump:

1st Aaron Antoine (Neon Wolves) 1.61,

2nd Darius Joseph (Eastonians) 1.45,

3rd Waynde Edwards (Memphis Pioneers) 1.45,

4th Keone John (Memphis Pioneers) 1.30,

5th Jaheim Hector (Sangre Grande Sec) 1.20

Under 16

100m (two heats):

1st Shaniqua Bascombe (Cougars) 12.41,

2nd Rae-Ann Serville (Memphis Pioneers) 12.55,

3rd Samara Garcia (Pt. Fortin Jets) 12.98,

4th Arianne Lucio (Memphis Pioneers) 12.98,

5th Nicola Pesnell (Memphis Pioneers) 13.11,

6th Jada Duprey (Cougars) 13.43,

7th Jayda Bertete (Cougars)/J'Naia Hillocks (Neon Wolves) 13.56,     

400m (three heats):

1st Xea Bruce (Toco Titans) 1:00.26,

2nd Caliyah Wallace (Cougars) 1:00.30,

3rd Malika Coutain (Pt. Fortin New Jets) 1:01.92,

4th Jaycell Bailey (Pt. Fortin New Jets) 1:03.38,

5th Jada James (Toco Titans) 1:03.75, 

6th Kaylay John (Pt. Fortin New Jets) 1:06.36,

7th Janiel Bailey (Memphis Pioneers) 1:06.57,

8th Patrice Roberts (Abilene Wildcats) 1:06.62

Shot put:

1st Josynia Fifi (Toco Titans) 11.54,

2nd Jade Lawrence (Newtown) 7.19


1st Josynia Fifi (Toco Titans) 19.49,

2nd Sherelle Beartice (Toco TAFAC) 17.86,

3rd Gershawna Francis (Pt. Fortin New Jets)  16.67,

4th Sherselle Murray (Toco TAFAC) 16.28,

5th Tyesha Marshall (Sangre Grande Sec) 10.52

High jump:

1st Trishelle Mc Laren (Toco TAFAC) 1.45,

2nd Shaniya Morgan (Neon Wolves) 1.40,

100m (two heats):

1st Jordan Pope (Memphis Pioneers) 11.37,

2nd Shakeem McKay (Memphis Pioneers) 11.40,

3rd Daniel Qui (Memphis Pioneers)/Ariel Kerr (Cougars) 11.88,      

5th Tyrique Mejias (Cougars) 12.34,

6th Khaleel Forde (Neon Wolves) 12.43,

7th Furthem Alleyne-Ettiene (Alpha) 12.83,

8th Jahson Reid (Silver Bullets) 13.87

400m (three heats):

1st Ethan Forde (Cougars) 51.16,

2nd Andrew Bravo (Cougars) 53.36,

3rd Malachi Heywood (Pt. Fortin New Jets) 54.02,

4th Mishak Peters (Abilene Wildcats) 55.03,

5th Isaac Lewis (Memphis Pioneers) 55.09,

6th Justin Sandy (Abilene Wildcats) 55.22.

7th Adrian Fullerton (Abilene Wildcats) 56.33.

8th Kester Richards (Pt. Forttn New Jets) 57.28

High jump:

1st Nathaniel Mathura (D'Abadie Progressive) 1.45,

2nd Aaron Mohammed (Sangre Grande Sec) 1.25,

3rd Nathan King (Sangre Grande Sec)

Under 18

100m (two heats):

1st Deleth Charles (Memphis Pioneers) 12.42,

2nd Janiel Morris (Memphis Pioneers) 12.79,

3rd J'da Brown (Memphis Pioneers) 12.82,

4th Mykeel-Ann Julien (Pt. Fortin New Jets) 12.92,

5th Melissa Boxill (Cougars) 13.19,

6th Allyssa George (Simplex) 13.22,

7th Kaffiah Farley (Simplex) 13.61,

8th Kayla Haders (Pt. Fortin New Jets) 13.70 

400m (two heats):

1st Cheziah Phillip (Toco Titans) 1:01.16,

2nd Blossom Swfit (Cougars) 1:01.17,

3rd Catlin Ragoonana (Memphis Pioneers) 1:03.08,

4th Renelle Mason-Ayres (Cougars) 1:03.71,

5th Kyles Flandres (Pt. Fortin New Jets) 1:04.02, 

6th Mykel Ann Juhen (Pt. Fortin New Jets) 1:04.37,

7th Safiya Lambert (Memphis Pioneers) 1:04.92,

8th Shaniqua Williams (Cougars) 1:05.03

100m hurdles (1.6):

1st Cheziah Phillip (Toco Titans) 14.91,

2nd Antonia Sealy (Pt. Fortin New Jets) 15.01,

3rd Melissa Boxhill (Cougars) 17.73

Long jump:

1st Antonia Sealey (Unattached) 4.99,

2nd Janiel Morris (Memphis Pioneers) 4.61

Shot put:

1st Elizabeth Galera (Burnley) 9.94


1st Elizabeth Galera (Burnley) 28.90,

2nd Sherise Webb (Warriors) 23.27

100m (two heats):

1st Ayele Joseph (MAP)11.18,

2nd Jabari Samuel (Memphis Pioneers) 11.43,

3rd Brandon Monseque (Pt. Fortin New Jets) 11.44,

4th Akil Boisson (Memphis Pioneers) 11.54,

5th Josiah Edwards (Abilene Wildcats) 11.55,

6th Marcus Purcell (Memphis Pioneers) 11.57,

7th Antonio Babb (MAP) 11.63,

8th Nathanael Charles (Sangre Grande Sec) 11.70

400m (two heats):

Avindale Smith (Abilene Wildcats) 49.06,

2nd Kiddell Carrington (Neon Wolves) 51.15,

3rd Timothy Fredrick (Pt. Fortin New Jets) 53.01,

4th Derron Frank (Cougars) 53.19,

5th Malachi Lam (Pt. Fortin New Jets) 53.95,

6th Jamelle Donald (Abilene Wildcats) 53.96,

7th Kwinlan Saline (Memphis Pioneers) 54.58,

8th Jeremiah Charles (Pt. Fortin New Jets) 66.87

110m hurdles (-0.1):

Tyrese Rawlins (Neon Wolves) 14.98,

2nd Brian Morris (Cougars) 19.15

Shot put:

1st Lincoln Acres (Burnley) 11.52,

2nd Randolph Isaac (Burnley) 10.51,

3rd Josh Lawrence (Newtown) 9.33


1st Randolph Isaac (Burnley) 41.81,

2nd Joel Andrews (D'Abadie Proressive) 37.49,

3rd Mikel Liverpool (Burnley) 36.47,

4th Hakim McLean (D'Abadie Progressive) 28.38,

5th Jamaal Alexander (Toco TAFAC) 28.25,

6th Joshua Diffenthaller (Dovers) 25.42,

7th Jeremy Douglas (MAP) 24.23,

8th Josh Lawrence (Neon) 23.25, 9th 

Long jump:

Josiah Edwards (Abilene Wildcats) 6.30,

2nd Jayden Antoine (Neon Wolves) 6.23,

3rd Tyrese Mulzac (D'Abadie Progressive) 5.67,

4th Joel Andrews (D'Abadie Progressive) 5.67,

5th Hakim McLean (D'Abadie Progressive) 5.36,

6th Tyrone Davidson (Sangre Grande Sec) 5.33

Under 20

Shot put:

1st Akidah Briggs (Toco Titans) 11.78,

2nd Tushanna Catlyn (Toco TACAC) 9.58

110m hurdles:

1st Jude Atwell (PAP) 16.15,

2nd Anderson Subero (Sangre Grande Sec) 17.90,

3rd Mikheal Trancoso (Sangre Grande Sec) 19.38


1st Clarence Hannibal (T'go Falcons) 46.95,

2nd Nkosi James (UWI) 39.39,

3rd Teejay Ramcharan (Warriors) 39.31,

4th Daniel McNish (Striders) 37.41,

5th Gabriel Guerra (Toco TAFAC) 32.28,

6th Kofi Jordan (Burnley) 31.61


100m (two heats):

1st Renne Stoddard (Sped Factory) 12.35,

2nd Akeera Esdelle (Pt. Fortin New Jets) 12.56,

3rd Jendayi Noel (Speed Factory) 12.67,

4th Ariel Hackshaw (Alpha) 12.73,

5th Rayann Linton (Memphis Pioneers) 12.91,

6th Curia Joseph (Stallions) 13.11,

7th Aaliyah Francis (Pt. Fortin New Jets) 13.37,

8th Rain Harper (UTT) 13.76


1st Renee Stoddard (Speed Factory) 57.71,

2nd Jerisa James (Memphis Pioneers) 59.00,

3rd Alena Clarke (UTT) 1:00.35,

4th Tia Honore (Abilene Wildcats) 1:01.56,

5th April Francis (Abilene Wildcats) 1:04.06,

6th Jale Ferguson (Abilene Wildcats) 1:05.42


1st Zinara Lesley (MAP) 5:55.65,

2nd Sade Guy (Toco TAFAC) 6:16.53,

3rd Patrice Quamie Patrice (Neon Wolves) 6:37.71

100m hurdles (1.6):

1st Aeisha Colthrust (Neon Wolves) 16.18

Shot put: 

1st Shauna Downey (UWI) 11.63,

2nd Maya Williams (UWI) 10.36


1st Shauna Downey (UWI) 34.63,

2nd Maya Williams (UWI) 24.11

Long jump:

1st Aeisha Colthrust (Neon Wolves) 5.07,

2nd Ayanna Glasgow (Toco TAFAC) 5.02,

3rd Britney Hutson (Toco TAFAC) 4.34,

4th Eleisha Serapio (UWI) 4.30,

5th Nyosha Cain (Speed Factory) 4.08

100m (five heats):

1st Jerod Elcock (Abilene Wildcats) 10.71,

2nd Onil Mitchell (Pt. Fortin New Jets) 11.03,

3rd Darvin Sandy (Alpha) 11.08,

4th Tyrel Edwards (Toco Titans) 11.13,

5th Andrew Holder (UWI) 11.17,

6th Josiah Patrice (Speed Factory) 11.27,

7th Keston Black (Unattached) 11.30,

8th Renal Alleyne-Noreiga (Memphis PIoneers) 11.32

400m (four heats):

1st Jacob St. Clair (Abilene Wildcats) 47.75,

2nd Daniel Gibbs (Mustangs) 49.39,

3rd Khaliya Abdullah (Simplex) 50.00,

4th Christopher Richards (UTT) 50.09,

5th Zidane Martin (IG Fast Lane) 50.15,

6th Myles Jackson (Memphis Pioneers) 50.36,

7th Jalen Purcell (Simplex) 51.64,

8th Isaiah Phillips (Abilene Wildcats) 51.70


1st Kyle Stanley (UTT) 4:29.39,

2nd Kyler Dennie (Speed Factory) 4:36.89,

3rd Thishawn Edmund (Pt. Fortin New Jets) 4:47.58,

4th Ian West (Pt. Fortin New Jets) 4:51.47,

5th Johnathan Shears (Toco TAFAC) 5:17.46,

6th Peter Marcano (Toco TAFAC) 6:16.53


1st Micah NcNish (Striders) 45.37,

2nd Declon Bruce (Warriors) 34.70

Long jump: 1st Ian West (Pt. Fortin New Jets) 6.30,

2nd Josiah Patrice (Speed Facdtory) 5.97,

3rd David Serrant (UWI) 5.88,

4th Jelani Hamlet (Silver Bullets) 5.80

5th Kafil Edwards (Toco Titans) 5.76,

6th Andy Williams (UWI) 5.65,

7th Anderson Subero (Sangre Grande Sec) 5.50,

8th David Cummings (Warriors) 4.82

Sealy and Phillip
Cheziah Phillip of Toco Secondary/Toco Titans, rights won the girls under 18 100m hurdles ahead of Antonio Sealey of Cedros Secondary, left

Trinidad & Tobago Secondary Schools'

Track & Field Association

Colthrust heads double winners at Fourth NAAA Development Meet

by Athletics T&T,​​; 27.1.17

Aeisha Colthrust
Aeisha Colthrust  (Neon Wolves) on her way to victory in the women's long jump at the Fourth NAAA Development Meet at the Hasely Crawford Stadium, Port of Spain on Saturday, January 21.  (Photo by Clynton Mann/T&T Event Photography) 

Stanley & Dennie
UTT's Kyle Stanley (right) won the men's 1500m ahead of Kyler Dennier of Speed Factory (left) 

Sealy in G U18 100m hurdles
Antonia Sealy of Cedros Secondary in action in the girls under 18 100m hurdles

Lesley and Quamie-W 1500m
Zinar Lelsey of MAP, right, on her way to victory in the women's 1500m 

Aeisha Colthrust (Neon Wolves) was among six double winners at the Fourth NAAA Development Meet at the Hasely Crawford Stadium, Mucurapo, Port of Spain on Saturday, January, 21. Coltrust captured the women's 100m hurdles (16.18 sec) and long jump (5.07m). The Holy Faith Convent-Couva graduate was a triple winner at the Second NAAA Meet at the same venue on January 14 where she was victorious in the women's 100m hurdles (16.21), long jump (5.23) and high jump (1.45). Josynia Fifi (Toco Secondary/Toco Titans), Cheziah Phillip (Toco Secondary/Toco Titans),  Renne Stoddard (Providence Girls/Speed Factory), Shauna Downey (UWI) and Elizabeth Galera (Burnley) all won two titles.

​Fifi copped the girls under 16 shot put (11.54) and discus (19.49). Last year's Secondary Schools Girls under 16 shot/discus winner recorded her third win in the NAAA Development meets after her victory in the shot put (11.43) at the Second Development Meet. She missed on attempt a double as the discus events were cancelled.  Phillip secured the girls under 18 400m (1:01.16) and 100m hurdles (14.91). The 2015 Carifta girls under 18 400 hurdles bronze medallist notched her second win in the 100m hurdles after she claimed gold at the Second Development meet in (14.92). Stoddard ran away with the women's 100m (12.35) and 400m (57.71). In her one lap victory the 2016 Carifta girls under 20 4x100m bronze medalist improved on her 58.35 clocking in her victory at the Second Development. She beat Jerisa James (Bishops Anstey/Memphis Pioneers) into the second place for the second straight time.  Downey, 2010 Girls Under 17 discus winner,  landed the women's shot put (11.63) and discus (34.63) titles. Several athletes recorded consecutive wins. Jenna-Marie Thomas (IG Fastlane) won the girls under 10 60m in 9.24. Her winning time was shy of the 9.17 clocking she posted in her  triumph in the event at the Second Development Meet. Antonio Smith (Abilene Wildcats) captured the boys under 12 80m (11.29). He was joint fastest with club mate Daeshaun Cole at the Second Meet in 11.19. Ayelle Joseph (MAP) won the boys under 18 100m (11.18) to add to his victory in the boys under 16 100m (11.27) two weeks earlier earlier. Antonia Sealey (Cedros Secondary/Unattached) record her fourth win of the season when she took the girls under 18 long jump (4.99) and missed on a fifth win when she had to settle for second in the  Girls under 18100m hurdles  (15.01) behind Phillip. At the Second Development meet the 2016 Pan American Combined Cup girls under 18 heptathlon silver medalist won the girls under 18 long jump (5.08). shot put (10.82) and javelin (35.06). 

Start of G U10 60m
Competitors in section three of  the girls under 10 60m on their marks

G U12 80m-section two
Action in the section two of the girls under 12 80m.  From left: Akira Charles (Cougars), Amaya Mitchell (Abilene Wildcats), Jayda Cummings (Cougars), Lessane Hodge (Memphis Pioneers) and Junilla Cyrus (Memphis Pioneers).  

Photos courtesy: Clynton Mann/T&T Event Photography

Taken at the Fourth NAAA Development Meet at the Hasely Crawford Stadium, Port of Spain on Saturday, January 21, 2017