Photos taken by Dennis Taye Allen at the Blue Waters/TTSSTFA Secondary Schools 5K Classic in Penal on Sunday, November 5.

Top three boys with trophy
The top three finishers in the boys division of the Blue Waters/TTSSTFA Secondary Schools 5K Classic in Penal on Sunday, November 5 received their trophies from First Vice-president of the TTSSTFA Barrington Richardson. Winner Otis Barker (centre), second place Akeem Marine (left) and Justine Hersley (right). (Photos by Dennis Taye Allen).

PENAL, Trinidad (Mon Nov 6): Otis Barker (Toco Sec) retained the boys title at the 2017 Blue Waters sponsored TTSSTFA Secondary Schools 5K Classic staged at the Shiva Boys Hindu College, Clarke Road, Penal on Sunday, November 5. Barker took the race in 14 minutes 35 seconds (14:35) ahead of Akeem Marine (Pleasantville Sec), 14:40 and Justin Hersely (Sangre Grande Sec), 14:49.. The champion was pushed all the way by Marine. The victory is the second straight in the event for Barker after his win in the 2016 edition. This is his second triumph, as on October 15 he captured the Secondary Schools' Boys 17 and over 6K Cross-Country crown. Hersely repeated his third place finish in the Cross-Country. Marine missed the Cross-Country event as he was busy representing his school in football. Two-time Under 16/17 cross country champ Matthew Pulchan (Pt. Fortin West Sec) was hoping to upset his elder rivals but had to settle for fourth (14:56).

Hersely set the early pace taking the lead from the start along Clarke Road, just east of Shiva Boys College. Marine and his Pleasantville Sec schoolmate Sherwin Andrews following behind.  Xavion Yorke (Shiva Boys) and Kibwe Cromwell (Toco Secondary) were also among the early leaders.  Barker started slowly and was in eighth but quickly moved up to third behind Hersely and Marine just before the roundabout at Katwaroo Trace. Toco's Adrian Nicholas and Michael Stanley were fourth and fifth  with the Pulchan and his fellow Point Fortin West Secondary competitor Isaiah Mayers following behind in sixth and seventh positions. 

Barker took control of the race  before the mid point as the runners headed to Ramdharry Trace with Marine still in second. Hersely dropped down to third, as he felt the effects of his quick start. Barker continue to lead the pack on the entering the final stretch to the finish on Clarke Road. The Toco sixth former was closely followed by Marine who seemed poised to upset the favourite. However, Barker held off his rival to secure the victory. Boys Under 17 4K Cross-country third place finisher Jamal Goita (Toco Sec), 15:17 crossed the line in fifth ahead of school-colleages Daveon Callender (15:18), Joel Laloo (15:46) and Michael Stanley (16:03). Mayers (16:14) claimed ninth place ahead of Yorke (16:17).  Pulchan finished as the top under 17 finisher ahead of Goita while Callender was first in the under 17 category with Laloo in second. Toco's Jarrel Blaise was the top under 13 finisher. The 12 year old was 13th overall.

Speaking after his victory, Barker described the event as a difficult one for him. "The run was a tough one. The second place finisher (Marine) was close behind me and was giving me a tight run.". The lower sixth form student was pleased with his second straight triumph. " Last (year's victory) was sweeter because I ran harder. This year I didn't make much (the same) effort but I was able to finish well." The 19 year old said he prefers Cross-Country running over road races. "The road (compared to the Cross-Country) is always hard to run on. The grass is much easier so I was able to the take the victory (at the Cross-Country run) and I worker harder (at the Cross-Country)."

Barker was presented with his winning trophy by Vice-president of the TTSSTFA Barrington Richardson.

The 5Km Classic was the second major event on the calendar of the Trinidad and Tobago Secondary Schools Track and Field Association (TTSSTFA). The first event was the Cross-Country Run on Sunday October 15.  The next item is the Relay Festival which is scheduled for the Larry Gomes Stadium, Malabar on February 1, 2018 with the Track and Field Championships set for the Hasely Crawford Stadium, Mucurapo on February 22 & 23, 2018.

The vision of the Trinidad and Tobago Secondary Schools Track and Field Association (TTSSTFA) is to become the leader in track and field development in Trinidad and Tobago through the formulation of strategic relationships, effective promotion of track and field initiatives and professionally-executed track and field events. Dr. Phillip Allard, principal of Pleasantville Secondary, is the current president of the association. Barrington Richardson (Palo Seco Secondary) and Janelle Edwards (Speyside High) are First and Second Vice Presidents respectively. Andy Joseph (Moruga Secondary) is serving as Secretary with Candice Barrow (Mason Hall Secondary) as Assistant Secretary. Ryan Perriera (Sangre Grande Secondary) is the current Treasurer and Indra Ramsingh-Geoffrey (San Fernando West Secondary) Public Relations Officer. Joseph Brewster (Toco Secondary), Bernanadine Hazard-Charles (Marabella South Secondary) and Jillian Huggins (Pleasantville Secondary) are the Trustees. Competing schools are divided into eight zones with each zone run by a coordinator: Port Spain (Hayes Jones), St. George East (Phillip Kalloo), North East (Verona Davis-Modeste), Tobago (Dale Peters), Caroni (George Dottin), Victoria (Aravind Ramgoolam), St. Patrick (Dexter Saklal) and South East (Robert Warner).

Barker ahead of Marine
Toco Secondary's Otis Barker (right) on his way to victory in the boys division of the Blue Waters/TTSSTFA Secondary Schools 5K Classic. Akeem Marine of Pleasantville Secondary (left) was second. 

Pulchan finishes fourth
Matthew Pulchan (Pt. Fortin West Secondary) was fourth in the boy's race of the Blue Waters/TTSSTFA Secondary Schools 5K Classic

Barker repeats as Schools 5K boys champ

by Clayton Clarke (​​; 7.11.2017

2017 TTSSTFA/Blue Waters 5K Classic
Shiva Boys Hindu College, Penal

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Results Boys
1st Otis Barker (Toco Sec) 14:35, 2nd Akeem Marine (Pleasantville Sec) 14.40, 3rd Justin Hersley (Sangre Grande Sec) 14:49, 4th Matthew Pulchan (Pt. Fortin West Sec) 14:56, 5th Jamal Goita (Toco Sec) 15:17, 6th Daveon Callender (Toco Sec) 15:18, 7th Joel Laloo (Toco Sec) 15:46, 8th Michael Stanley (Toco Sec) 16:03, 9th Isaiah Mayers (Pt. Fortin West Sec) 16:14, 10th Xavion Yorke Shiva Boys) 16:17, 11th Kibwe Crownwell (Toco Sec) 16:23, 12th Nathaniel Kallicharan (Shiva Boys) 16:42, 13th Jarrel Blaise (Toco Sec) 16:50, 14th Adrian Nicholas (Toco Sec) 16:59, 15th Keenan Murray (Toco Sec) 17:04, 16th Everton Stanley (Toco Sec) 17:07, 17th Kyle Francis (Toco Sec) 17:13, 18th Nikel Baptiste (Pres S'Do) 17:27, 19th Anderson Subero (Sangre Grande Sec) 17:28, 20th Omarion Butler (Toco Sec) 17:29, 21st Valentonio Elder (Toco Sec) 17;39, 22nd Orian Butler (Toco Sec) 17:46, 23rd Akeem Mason (Pt. Fortin West Sec) 17:48, 24th Sherwin Andrews (Pleasantville Sec) 17:49, 25th Raheem Lee (Pleasantville Sec) 17:52, 26th Dillon Yearwood (Pleasantville Sec) 17:55, 27th Keston Archibald (Pleasantville Sec) 17:58, 28th Peter Prosper (Pleasantville Sec) 18:21, 29th Joshua Cooper (Pleasantville Sec) 18:22, 30th Kinoche Cordner (Toco Sec) 18:34, 31st Leonardo Rodriguez (Pres S'do) 18:35, 32nd Tyrese James (Toco Sec) 18:59, 33rd Nigel Sealy (Pt. Fortin West Sec) 19:00, 34th Andy Jagroop (Shiva Boys) 19:03, 35th Jarod Campbell (Pres S'do) 19:06, 36th Mickel Kelly (Toco Sec) 19:27, 37th Kylon Phillip (Toco Sec) 19:36, 38th Tyrell Edwards (Toco Sec) 19:48, 39th Jerome Campbell (Pres S'do) 19:49, 40th Laquan Dyer (Toco Sec) 19:50, 41st Shaun Hanif (Pleasantville Sec) 19:50, 42nd Michael Penny (Toco Sec) 19;51, 43rd Romell Richards (Pt. Fortin West Sec) 20:04, 44th Amante Joseph (Toco Sec) 20:13,  45th Jaydon Logan (Malabar Sec) 20:22, 46th Bradley Pooran (Iere High) 20:24, 47th Xarion Blaise (Toco Sec) 20:26, 48th Daniel Solomon (Malabar Sec) 20:27, 49th Aaron McLeod (Shiva Boys) 20:46, 50th Nicholai Katwaroo (Shiva Boys) 21:02, 51st Christopher James (Malabar Sec) 21:09, 52nd Akil David (Pres S'do) 21:11, 53rd Aaron Mohammed (Sangre Grande Sec) 21:14, 54th Jaheim Hector (Sangre Grande Sec) 21:19, 55th Kedel Greaves (Toco Sec) 21:39,  56th Kyrese Felix (Malabar Sec) 22:02, 57th Daniel Thomas (Toco Sec) 22:03, 58th Jordan Locario (Toco Sec)  22:58, 59th Jaden Kirton (Toco Sec) 23:05, 60th Jishawan Joefield (Pleasantville Sec) 23:07, 61st Mark Hernandez (Pleasantville Sec) 23:09, 62nd Kalab John (Pt. Fortin West Sec) 23:31, 63rd Clint Lyons (Toco Sec) 23:37, 64th Jonathan Laldeo (Pres S'do) 23:37, 65th Jeshiaih Johnson (Malabar Sec) 23:50, 66th Nicholas Seenath (Shiva Boys) 24:50, 67th Jamil Scope (Pres S'do) 25:30, 68th Satyanand Ramjattan (Shiva Boys) 26:43, 69th Brandon Galera (Malabar Sec) 27:19, 70th Stephen Bruno (Malabar Sec) 27:29, 71st Divesh Silochan (Shiva Boys) 28:05, 72nd Stefan King (Malabar Sec) 28:43, 73rd Dave Browne (Malabar Sec) 30:50, 74th Brandon Bhadai (Shiva Boys) 33:34, 75th Sivesh Lall (Shiva Boys) 33:34, 76th Avinah Nandlal (Shiva Boys) 34:06, 77th Joseph Rogers (Malabar Sec) 34:59, 78th Kalon Modeste (Toco Sec) 35:33, 79th Faheem Gopaulsingh (Shiva Boys) 35:39, 80th Sanjeev Doodnath (Shiva Boys) 41:28, 81st Darren Vidal (Shiva Boys) 41:29, 82nd Bradley Basdeosingh (Shiva Boys) 43:58, 83rd Amir Mohammed (Shiva Boys) 43:59  

Start of race.
Competitors in the Blue Waters/ TTSSTFA Secondary Schools 5K Classic. From left: Justin Hersely, Otis Barker, Sherwin Andrews, Anderson Subero, Akeem Marine, Nikel Baptiste, Kibwe Cromwell, Jaydon Logan and Xavion Yorke.

Hersley leads early
Justin Hersley of Sangre Grande Secondary (third from right) leads the boys division of the Blue Waters/TTSSTFA Secondary Schools 5K Classic. Hersley finished in third. Otis Barker of Toco Secondary (second from right) won ahead of Akeem Marine of Pleasantville Secondary (right). 


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