Antoine and James capture Secondary Schools 5K crowns

Donicia Antoine (Toco Secondary) and Joshua James (Valencia Secondary) captured the overall titles at the 2015 National Secondary Schools 5K title which took place in Sangre Grande on Sunday November 15.  Antoine ran away with the Girls’ race crossing the line in 21 minutes 08.6 seconds (21:08.6). The victory was the third straight for Antoine after she won in 2013 and 2014. Taking the runner-up spot was Antoine’s 12 year old school-mate Casandra Joseph (23:20.0) with Aaliyah Mitchell (North Eastern College( 24:03.8) taking third. Mitchell prevented a Toco Secondary sweep of the top three places as another Toco student,  Mikayla Ottley, was fourth (25:18.0).  James (Valencia Secondary) took the Boys’ event in 16:56.3 to deny Toco Secondary’s Otis Barker (17:56.3), Kmanuel Madoo (18:50.1) and Tarique Dann (19:20.3).

Toco Secondary took home both team titles as Antoine led her school to the Girls’ team top prize ahead of Sangre Secondary and Palo Seco Secondary while Barker and company took the Boy’s equivalent ahead of Sangre Grande Secondary and Sixth Form Government.

Antoine was also the top Girls’ Under 18 performer while Joseph took the Under 14 Division and Mitchell the Under 16 class. Ottley ran away with the Over 18 honours.

Among the boys James was the fastest among the Over 18 runners with Baker securing the Under 18 top prize and Madoo the quickest Under 16 competitor.

Antoine and James also won the Cross country events in October.

The Secondary Schools 5K is the second item of the 2015/2016 calendar of the Trinidad and Tobago Secondary Schools Track and Field Association (TTSSTFA) headed by Phillip Allard.  Other members of the Association are Barry Richardson (1st-Vice President),  Joseph Brewster ( 2nd Vice-President), Jillian Huggins (Secretary), Bernadine Hazard (Assistant Secretary), Andy Joseph (Public Relations Officer) and Martin Edmund (Treasurer).

The next event (Relay Festival) is scheduled for Thursday, February 18, 2016 while the National Championships are set for April 13 & 14, 2016.

Mr. Allard said he was happy with the staging of this year’s event. “It was successful. We were hoping though for more participants from POS and Caroni as some districts seem to be just focused on the National Champs. So we need to do more marketing. I must commend the effort of the athletes who came out especially the champions Joshua James and Donicia Antoine.” He added that a new category for tertiary institutions was added for the first time.  

He also shared that there was an increase in  participation in the cross country race held on October 18 and that the Health Fair was well received by the students. “The students looked forward for it (the health fair) for the 5K and the family environment it created.”

For the upcoming Relay Festivals the TTSSTFA has plans  to invite schools from  other Caribbean islands and for the National Championships to reintroduce the School prizes. Phillp explained that the changes are in effort to generate more interest and camaraderie. In additional he said that there are plans on getting to have several of T&T’s World and Olympic medallists involved in the National Champs and added the 2013 World men’s 400m hurdles champion Jehue Gordon has already expressed his interest.

Compete 5K results

5K Awards results

RESULTS (Summarised)

Overall (Secondary)



  • 1st Donicia Antoine (Toco Secondary) 21:08.6;
  • 2nd Casandra Joseph (Toco Secondary) (12 years old ) 23:20.0;
  • 3rd Aaliyah Mitchell (North Eastern College) 24:03.8;
  • 4th Mikayla Ottley (Toco Secondary) 25:18.0;
  • 5th Camille Lewis (Sangre Grande Secodnary) 25:52.9


  • 1st Joshua James (Valencia Secondary) 16:56.3;
  • 2nd Otis Barker (Toco Secondary) 17:56.3;
  • 3rd Kmanuel Madoo (Toco Secondary) 18:50.1;
  • 4th Tarique Dann (Toco Secondary) 19:20.3;
  • 5th Girmarsion Allyene (Pleasantville Secondary) 19:37.9

Overall (Non-Secondary)

  • 1st Abigail Thomas (UWI Open Campus) 42:03.0;
  • 2nd Faith Mohammed 49.46.0;
  • 3rd Kyla Thomas (USC) 50.37.4


  • 1st David Dennis 18:21.5;
  • 2nd Reginald Prince 20.20.8;
  • 3rd Anthony Pierre (USC) 21.41.6;
  • 4th Julian Morin 22:08.7;
  • 5th Shevon Smith 23:04.2



  • 1st Toco Secondary; 
  • 2nd Sangre Grande Secondary;
  • 3rd Palo Seco Secondary


  • 1st Toco Secondary;
  • 2nd Sangre Grande Secondary;
  • 3rd Sixth Form Government



Under 14

  • 1st Casandra Joseph (Toco Secondary) (12 years old ) 23:20.0;
  • 2nd Jada James (Toco Secondary) 26:32.5;
  • 3rd Fay-Ann Johnson (Toco Secondary) 28:06.3


  • 1st Dimitri Richards (Toco Secondary) 21:55.4;
  • 2nd Kareem Mirander (Toco Secondary) 22:53.9;
  • 3rd ChristopherJordan (Moruga Secondary) 25:11.5

Under 16

  • 1st Aalyah Mitchell (North Eastern College) 24:03.8;
  • 2nd Camille Lewis (Sangre Grande Secodnary) 25:52.9;
  • 3rd Shaquana Olton (Toco Secondary) 26:17.8


  • 1st Kmanuel Madoo (Toco Secondary) 18:50.1;
  • 2nd Zidane Charles (Sandre Grandre Secondary) 20:07.4;
  • 3rd Valentino Elder (Toco Secondary) 20:53.2


Under 18

  • 1st Donicia Antoine (Toco Secondary) 21:08.6;
  • 2nd  Ricah Henry (Toco Secondary) 27:28.6;
  • 3rd Cherise Haynes (Sangre Grande Secondary) 30.47.8


  • 1st Otis Barker (Toco Secondary) 17:56.3;
  • 2nd Tarique Dann (Toco Secondary) 19:20.3;
  • 3rd Justine Parks (Sangre Grande Secondary) 20:03.0

Over 18:

  • 1st Mikayla Ottley (Toco Secondary) 25:18.0;
  • 2nd Tarique Dann (Toco Secondary) 19:20.3;
  • 3rd Samantha Moore (Moruga Secondary) 41:38.7


  • 1st Joshua James (Valencia Secondary) 16:56.3;
  • 2nd Girmarsion Allyene (Pleasantville Secondary) 19:37.9;
  • 3rd Joshua Rogers (Sixth Form Government) 21:23.1​

Overall Winner (Female):

Donicia Antoine

Overall Winner (Male): Joshua James

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Clayton Clarke
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