Akili was the top female athlete (Victrix Ludorium) at this year's TTSSFA Secondary Schools Track and Field Championships in April. She won gold in the girls under 18 100m hurdles, 400m hurdles, high jump and long jump. At the 2015 championships she won three gold medals.  The 17 year old also captured bronze in the Girls open Heptathlon at the 2016 Carifta Games in Grenada in March. In addition, she won gold in the Girls Under 18 Heptathlon at the Pan American Combined Cup in Toronto, Canada in June in national junior record score. Days before leaving for Canada she secured four gold medals at the National Junior Championships.

Akili shared on how she has been able to balance academics and track and field. "It is challenging but you have to know your priorities. Some days you focus on your school work more and other days track and field. You have to know when to stop and when to rest." In 2016 as she prepared for CXC exams she said she focussed more on her studies. "I cut back on my training, not a lot to impact but I know that exams are really important. Even with a good track and field career I would still need my subjects." Despite focussing on preparing for exams Akili is rating 2016 as her most successful year in the sport. "This is my best year. I won a Carifta medal (competing at her third Carifta Games). I was able compete in the Pan American Combined Cup, won gold and set a new national under 18 Heptathlon record. "

She credits her background in sports and the support of her parents (Nalini and Kamau Akili), sister (Aliyah), friends and coach Arlon Morrison for her success. "Because of the backbone (of support) it makes everything easier." She also participated in netball, cricket, football, basketball and ball-room dancing.

Looking ahead to 2017 she is looking to establish new records in the girls under 20 100m hurdles and heptathlon events.

Akili's younger sister Aliyah plays football for Bishops High. She helps Ayla with balancing sports and studies. Akili first represented Trinidad and Tobago at the 2013 Central American and Caribbean (CAC) Age-Group Championships in Curacao.

The Trinidad and Tobago Secondary Schools Track and Field Association extends congratulations to Anya and the staff and students of the Bishops High school.

Top T&T Students in the 2016 CXC Examinations by Subject
Agriculture Science (Single Award)
2nd Akesh Heera (Couva East Secondary),

5th Ruqayyah Scott (Couva East Secondary), 

9th Roland Heeralal (St. Stephen's College)

2nd Talisha Singh (Couva East Secondary),

3rd Johanna Serrette (St. Joseph Convent-St. Joseph),

4th Joshua Ramjattan (Naparima College) / Pankaj Kissoonsingh (Presentation College-Chaguanas),

6th Ceri Cazaon (St. Joseph Convent-St. Joseph,

10th Joalla Simon (Naparima Girls High), Jayson Badal (Presentation College-Chaguanas) / Reshi Rajkumar (Presentation College-Chaguanas)

Caribbean History
5th Saeedah Rahaman (Naparima Girls High)

1st Jonathan Balkaran (Hillview)
2nd Kemawatee Sudama (Iere High)
3rd Maehak Ramlogan (Holy Faith Convent-Couva)/Akeel Rasool (Naparima College)/Tashreeqah Ramkisson (St. Augustine Girls High)
6th Justin Armoogum (Naparima College)/Kerryyn Peters (St. Augustine Girls High), 8th Talha Muhammad (HIllview College)
9th Talisha Singh (Couva East Secondary)/Noah Walker (Fatima College)/Jaedan Chablal (Naparima College)/Jushua Ramjattan (Naparima College)/Venita Sitahal (Napariam Girls High)/Sadhana Balladin (St. Joseph Convent-San Fermando)

Clothing and Textiles:

5th Destinee-Ann Robinson (St. Francois Girls High)

1st Candace Bernard (Lakshmi Girls Hindu), 2nd Aaliyah Peterkin (St. Joseph Convent-St. Joseph),
3rd Sumir Janwani (Presentation College-Chaguanas)/Dana Maharaj (St. Augustine Girls High)/Maya Roberts (St. Joseph Convent-POS)
7th Riyana Gobin (St. Augustine Girls High), 9th Terell Birot (Holy Cross College)

English Language
1st Tishana McDavid (Arima Central Secondary),

2nd Kesri Gajadar (St. Joseph Convent-San Fernando),

3rd Divedi Ramdass (St. Augustine Girls High),

5th Shania Praimdass (Saraswatie Girls Hindue),

6th Candace Bernard (Lakshni Girls Hindu),

8th Reneesa Neptune (Holy Faith Convent-Couva)

English Literature:

2nd Aeda Bhagaloo (Naparima Girls High), 

7th Claire-Marie Rocke (Naparima Girls High)

Food and Nutrition:

1st Katelyn Mackay (Holy Name Convent-POS),

10th Iyana John (St. George's College)

1st Joalla Simon (Naparima Girls High),

2nd Tashreeqah Ramkisson (St. Augustine Girls High),

3rd Kirese Narinesingh (Naparima Girls HIgh),

4th Alexandria Ramdeen (Bishop Anstey East),

7th Safiya Ayuen (ASJA Girls-San Fernando,

9th Divedi Ramdass (St. Augustine Girls High)/Christian Chow-Lewis (St. Mary's College)

2st Cailin Sankar (St. Joseph Convent-POS),

3rd Kesri Gajadar (St. Joseph Convent-San Fernando),

4th Joalla Simon (Naparima Girls High),

5th Venita Sitahal (Naparima Girls High),

7th Joshua Ramjattan (Naparima College)/Ambika Maharaj (Naparima Girls High)

Information Technology
1st Riad Mohammed (Highview College),

5th Kerryn Peters (St. Augustine Girls High)
10th Alejandro Ramgoolam (Hillview College)/Nakhil Sankar (Hillview College), Suren Moonsammy (Hilview College)/Maehak Ramlogan (Holy Name Convent-Couva/Rajiv Sadho (Presentation College-Chaguanas)/Britney Bachan (Saraswatie Girls Hindu)

Integrated Science
1st Indira Balgobin (Lakshmi Girls Hindu),

2nd Akesh Heersa (Couva East Secondary),

8th Serayah Jamadar (Naparima Girls High),

10th Jesse Seignoret (Hillview College)

2nd Khalid Hosein (Hillview)/Sharnavi Sagramsingh (Naparima Girls High)/Joanna Serrette (St. Joseph Convent-St. Joseph)/Shannon Yearwod (St. Joseph Convent-POS)/Kesri Gajadar (St. Joseph Convent-San Fermando)/Maehak Ramlogan (Holy Faith Convent-Couva)/Matthew Ocando (Naparima College), Kerisse Seepersad (St. Joseph Convent-San Fernando)/Dylan Yuk Low (St. Mary's College)

4th Shinelle Britto (St. George),

8th Aliyah Ramatally (Naparima Girls High)/ Christie-Ann Nicholas (Bishops Anstey East)

1st Joshua Ramjattan (Naparima College)
2nd Sanjeev Mahadeo (Naparima College),
3rd Jaedan Chablal (Naparima College),
4th Matthew Ocando (Naparima College)
5th Rae-Jeanne Hart (St. Augustine Girls High)
6th Pankah Kissoonsingh (Presentation College-Chaguanas/JOanna Serrette (St. Joseph Convent-St. Joseph)
9th Jonathan Balkaran (Hillview)/Chelsea Rampersad (Naparima Girls High)/Regan Roopchan (Presentation College-Chaguanas)/Kerryann Peters (St. Augustine Girls High)/Victoria Medford (St. Joseph Convent-St. Joseph)

Principles of Accounts
1st Kerryann Peters (St. Augustine Girls High),

3rd  Sumir Janwani Presentation College-Chaguanas)
7th Brittney Canning (Bishops Anstey)/Shivani Bachan (Holy Name Convent-Couva)/Terissa Bhagwansingh (St. Augustine Girls High)/Maya Roberts (St. Joseph Convent-POS)/Kerisse Seepersad (St. Joseph Convent-San Fernando)

Principles of Business
1st Valni Pattron (Lakshmi Girls Hindu)/Danad Maharaj (St. Augustine Girls High),

4th Shivani Bachan (Holy Faith Convent-Couva)/Aaliyah Peterkin (St. Joseph Convent-St. Joseph),

7th Sameer Ali (St. Mary's College)

Social Studies
2nd Keiann Campo (North Eastern College),

5th Nandani Seepersad (Parvatie Girls High),

10th Akesh Heera (Couva East Secondary)

8th Katherine Mohammed (Naparima Girls High)/Chelsea Statham (Naparima Girls High)

Technical Drawing
3rd Haddiyah Ali (St. Augustine Girls High),

6th Pankaj Kisoonsingh (Presentation College-Chaguanas)/John Ahloy (St. Mary's College),

8th Rainah Khan (St. Augustine Girls High),

10th Jayson Bada (Presentation College-Chaguanas)

Theatre Arts:

2nd Raven Long (Holy Faith Convent-Penal),

3rd Shernice Martin (Naparima Gils HIgh)

Visual Arts:

4th Sarah Ali (Bishops Anstey),

8th Jade Rodriguez (Holy Name Convent-POS)

Physical Education:

2nd-Anya Akili (Bishops High-Tobago)

Additional Mathematics
1st Joella Simon (Naparima Girls High)
2nd Maehak Ramlogan (Holy Name Convent-Couva)/ Sanjeev Mahadeo (Naparima College)/Sharnavi Sagramsingh (Naparima Girls High)
5th Hemawatee Sudama (Iere High)/Joshua Ramjattan (Naparima College)/Nirupa Mahadeo (Naparima Girls High)
8th Jaedan Chablal (Naparima College)
10th Noah Walker (Fatima College)/Kayleigh Harrylal (Naparima Girls High)

Building Technology (Woods):

4th Dylan Mahabir (Diego Martin Central Secondary)

Electrical and Electronic Technology:

1st Nathan Boynes (Fatima College),

3rd Joshua Chu For (Fatima College)

Mechanical Engineering Technology
1st Kristopher Charles (Rio Claro West Secondary),

2nd Daniel Archibald (Diego Martin Central Secondary),

5th Kryston Ashton (Point Fortin East Secondary),

7th Norbert Dominique (Diego Martin Central Secondary),

8th Antonio Parawan (Point Fortin East Secondary) 

Anya Akili (left) with mother Nalini.

(Photo courtesy-CLAYTON CLARKE/Sportscore Tobago)

Anya Akili (Bishops High) showed her all-round ability after she was finished second in this year's CXC's examinations in the Physical Education and Sport discipline. Akili obtained a Grade One with A's in Paper One and Two to finish joint second with Jamie Colquhoun of Spot Valley High of Jamaica. Sidney John of Portmouth Secondary of Dominica was the top performer. Akili was the lone Trinidad and Tobago student to finish in the top ten in the subject. The Mason Hall resident was successful in all eight of the subjects she wrote at this year's CXC exams. She obtained Grade Ones in Physical Education and Sport, Biology, English Language, Mathematics, English Literature, Spanish,  Grade Two in Geography and Grade Three in Chemistry and is currently a sixth form student pursuing studies in Biology, Chemistry and Physical Education. 

Akili second in 2016 CXC Physical Education exams

by Clayton Clarke (sportscoretobago@gmail.com)​​; 29.11.16


Trinidad & Tobago Secondary Schools'

Track & Field Association