Rogers and Pulchan repeat at 4K champs 
Joanna Rogers of St. Francois Girls College (left) and Matthew Pulchan of Pt. Fortin West Secondary (right) retained their titles in the 4K race of the 2017 TTSSTFA Secondary Schools Cross-Country run at the Queen's Park Savannah, Port of Spain on Sunday, October 15. Rogers won the event for the third straight year while Pulchan claimed his second consecutive crown.

Under 17 4K-top three
Top three finishers in the Under 17 4K at the 2017 TTSSTFA Secondary Schools Cross-Country run at the Queen's Park Savannah, Port of Spain on Sunday, October 15. Joanna Rogers (top right) won the girls race. Rogers collects her trophy from President of the TTSSTFA Dr. Phillip Allard. Octavia Cambridge (top left) was second and Cassandra Joseph (top centre) finished in third. 
Matthew Pulchan (bottom left) took home the boy's title ahead of Joel Laloo ( bottom centre) and Jamal Goita (bottom right). . 

Meanwhile, Pulchan felt this year's victory was earlier for him as he was better prepared when compared to last year. "(I guess) how I trained really, really hard I felt this (victory) was (like) nothing." He is coached by his uncle George Smith, a top local distance runner. "My uncle (and I) we started to do a gym (work now). After training I usually do push-ups." The Rousillac resident is aiming to be on T&T's team for the 2018 Carifta Games. 'I want to make the (qualifying) times to go (the) Carifta (Games in the Bahamas in April).  I am aiming for the 800m and the 1500m."

Rogers and Pulchan were presented with their champion trophies by president of the Trinidad and Tobago Secondary Schools Track and Field Association  (TTSSTFA) Dr. Phillip Allard, a brief prize giving ceremony after the race

The 2017 edition of the Secondary's Schools Cross Country Run and Health Fair race started and ended between Victoria and Stanmore Avenues in overcast but dry conditions. The start time pushed by 3:30pm from the scheduled 2:00pm start as the organisers awaited the arrival of several race officials and athletes. One hundred and twenty three (123) athletes (38 girls and 85 boys) representing 21 schools competed in the 4K edition. The competitors and spectators participated in warm up and cool down aerobics before and after the race. Blue Waters was the sponsor of this year's race . Several organisations: Blue Waters, VEMCO-Gatorade, Bermudez, Institute of Health and Fitness, Herbalife and Kiss Baking set up display booths and provided free samples of their products and services.

The Cross-Country Run & Health Fair was the first of four major events on the TTSSTFA calendar. The next event is the 5K Classic at Shiva Boys College, Penal on November 5. The Relay Festival is listed for the Larry Gomes Stadium, Malabar on February 1, 2018 with the Track and Field Championships slated for the Hasely Crawford Stadium, Mucurapo on February 22 & 23, 2018.

The vision of the Trinidad and Tobago Secondary Schools Track and Field Association (TTSSTFA) is to become the leader in track and field development in Trinidad and Tobago through the formulation of strategic relationships, effective promotion of track and field initiatives and professionally executed track and field events. Dr. Phillip Allard, principal of Pleasantville Secondary, is the current president of the association. Barrington Richardson (Palo Seco Secondary) and Janelle Edwards (Speyside High) are First and Second Vice President respectively. Andy Joseph (Moruga Secondary) is serving as Secretary with Candice Barrow (Mason Hall Secondary) as Assistant Secretary. Ryan Perriera (Sangre Grande Secondary) is the current Treasurer and Indra Ramsingh-Geoffrey (San Fernando West Secondary) Public Relations Officer. Joseph Brewster (Toco Secondary), Bernanadine Hazard-Charles (Marabella South Secondary) and Jillian Huggins (Pleasantville Secondary) are the Trustees. Competing schools are divided into eight zones with each zone run by a coordinator: Port Spain (Hayes Jones), St. George East (Phillip Kalloo), North East (Verona Davis-Modeste), Tobago (Xavier King), Caroni (George Dottin), Victoria (Aravind Ramgoolam), St. Patrick (Dexter Saklal) and South East (Robert Warner).
8, 2nd Jamal Goita (Toco Sec) 10:45, 3rd Ethan Forde (Fatima) 10:52

Rogers wins third straight Schools Girls Cross Country crown

by Clayton Clarke (​​; 20.10.2017


Trinidad & Tobago Secondary Schools'

Track & Field Association

PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad (Fri, Oct, 20): Joanna Rogers (St. Francois Girls College) and Matthew Pulchan (Pt. Fortin West Secondary) won back to back titles at the 2017 edition of the TTSSTFA's Secondary Schools Cross-Country Run and Health Fair at the Queen's Park Savannah on Sunday, October 15. Rogers claimed the girls' under 17 4K event in 12 minutes 7 seconds (12:07) to complete a hat-trick of wins after she won the 2015 and 2016 under 16 editions. Pulchan ran away with the boys under 17 version in 10:28 to add to his triumph in the 2016. Octavia Cambrige (Bishops Anstey) followed Rogers home ahead of Cassandra Joseph (Toco Secondary) while Joel Laloo (Toco Secondary) took the runner-up spot behind Pulchan. Laloo, who was first in last year's under 14 division, edged out 2016 overall-second and third place finishers, Jamal Goita (Toco Secondary) and Ethan Forde (Fatima College) to third and fourth respectively.

​Rogers started positively,  getting out to a fast start,  and was with the leading pack of boys early in the race. The fourth former eventually finished 20th overall with a strong finish. The 2017 Carifta Girls Under 18 4x400m bronze medallist was proud of her third win and said her victory in 2015 stands out.  "I feel ecstatic to win this race. I just came out here to do my best to make my coaches and parents proud and also to represent my school well. The first win (two years ago) was the most important to me because it showed what I could become.  It showed that I was competitive."  Rogers added that after assessing her effort she believes there is room for improvement. "My performance tell me I have more work to do to improve in the following year." The Diego Martin resident is looking ahead to run faster in her pet events the 2018 season. "My goals for the  the upcoming track season is the lower my times in the 400m and 800m to at  54/53 (seconds) and 2:10 (2 minutes 10 seconds). I  am also looking forward to make (my third straight) Carifta (Games) team next year. " She added that she is trying her best to balance her school work and her athletic career. "Time management is a bit difficult due to the times we finish training. I try my best go have a balance between my school work and track.

RESULTS - Under 17-4km ​

  • 1st Joanna Rogers (St. Francois Girls) 12:07,
  • 2nd Octavia Cambridge (Bishops Anstey) 12:42,
  • 3rd Cassandra Joseph (Toco Sec) 12:46,
  • 4th Janeil Bailey (East Mucurapo Sec) 13:04,
  • 5th Camille Lewis (Sangre Grande Sec) 13:26,
  • 6th Karissa Kirton (Providence Girls) 13:39,
  • 7th Zahra Gaskin (Bishops East) 13.44,
  • 8th Xea Bruce (Toco Sec) 14:09, 
  • 9th Jean-Marie Farinha (Bishops East) 14.28,
  • 10th Kelly Ann Phillip (Toco Sec) 14:33,
  • 11th Jada James (Toco Sec) 14:41,
  • 12th Melonie Welsh (Toco Sec) 15:31,
  • 13th Kereice Roberts (Toco Sec)15:34,
  • 14th Shyann Scott (Matelot Comm) 15:41,
  • 15th Shade Guy (Matelot Comm) 15:44,
  • 16th Trishell Mc Lauren (Matelot Comm) 15:46,
  • 17th Jaylel Marcelle (Bishops East) 16:17,
  • 18th Oneka Sutherland (Sangre Grande Sec) 16:54,
  • 19th Khadijah Baptiste (East Mucurapo) 17:00,
  • 20th Fay Ann Johnson (Toco Sec) 17:05.
  • 21st Tyler Shears (Toco Sec) 17:15,
  • 22nd  Kyla Walker (St. Francois Girls) 17:19,
  • 23rd Shermika Punter (Toco Sec) 17:25,
  • 24th Fionnuala Mike (Maple Leaf) 17:47,
  • 25th Faith Deane (Five Rivers Sec) 19:20,
  • 26th Mila Carter (Maple Leaf) 19:33,
  • 27th Lily Knechtle (Maple Leaf) 19:34,
  • 28th Kera James  (Toco Sec) 20:15,
  • 29th Nissi Wellington (Arima Central Sec) 20:18,
  • 30th Joanne Omalo (Toco Sec) 20:31,
  • 31st  Nakaliah Daniel (Toco Sec) 20:31,
  • 32nd  Carla Atteih (Maple Leaf) 21:44,
  • 33rd Salisha Marshall (Arima Cental) 22:27,
  • 35th Reneisha Cordner (Arima Central Sec) 22:27,
  • 36th Afiyah Sookoo (Sangre Grande Sec) 24:51,
  • 37th Jada Cyrus (Bishops East) 24:51,
  • 38th Shemaiah Lee Edwards (Bishops East) 25:03. 
  • 1st Matthew Pulchan (Pt. Fortin West Sec) 10:28,
  • 2nd Joel Laloo (Toco Sec) 10.43,
  • 3rd Jamal Goita (Toco Sec) 10.45,
  • 4th Ethan Forde (Fatima ) 10.52,
  • 5th Daveion Callendar (Toco Sec) 10.53,
  • 6th Jemell Boatswain (Valencia Sec) 10.56,
  • th Nkosi Olatunji (Five Rivers Sec ) 10.58,
  • 8th Andwele Welch (Fatima) 11.01,
  • 9th Kareem Mason (St. Mary's College) 11.02,
  • 10th Kareem Ramjohn (Five Rivers Sec) 11.25.
  • 11th Khaylon Antoine (Woodbrook Sec) 11.29,
  • 12th Michael Stanley (Toco Sec) 11.33,
  • 13th Jervon Jack (Woodbrook Sec) 11.45,
  • 14th Everton Stanley (Toco Sec) 11.46,
  • 15th Judah Mc Eachrane (Toco Sec) 11.49,
  • 16th Isaiah Hayes (Pt. Fortin West Sec ) 11.52,
  • 17th Kenan Murray (Toco Sec ) 11.54,
  • 18th Anton Frederick (QRC) 11.56,
  • 19th Selik Leacock (Fatima) 11.57,
  • 20th Janeim Keller (Toco Sec) 12.09,
  • 21st Jarrel Blaise (Toco Sec ) 12.10,
  • 22nd Kyle James (Toco Sec) 12.19
  • 23rd Akeem Mason (Pt. Fortin West Sec) 12.26,
  • 24th Donnie Francis (Holy Cross) 12.30,
  • 25th Ryan Joseph (East Mucurapo Sec) 12.30,
  • 26th Kylon Phillip (Toco Sec)12.32,
  • 27th D'Neil Baboolal (Presentation S'do) 12.35,
  • 28th Migkayle Gaffour (QRC) 12.39,
  • 29th Malachi Byam (East Mucurapo Sec) 12.44,
  • 30th Tyrese James (Toco Sec) 12.47,
  • 31st Michael Jack (Fatima) 12.52,
  • 32nd Abayomi Belcome (Sangre Grande Sec) 12.59,
  • 33rd Tyrese Marryshow (Toco Sec) 13.07,
  • 34th Jarod Campbell (Presentation S'do) 13.10,
  • 35th Agyei Davis (Toco Sec) 13.15,
  • 36th Kristen Smith (Woodbrook Sec) 13.28,
  • 37th Rommel Richards (Pt. Fortin West Sec) 13.31,
  • 38th Omarion Butler (Toco Sec) 13.32,
  • 39th Marvin Gulard-Bruce (St. Mary's) 13.42,
  • 40th Aaron Mohamed (Sangre Grande Sec) 13.42,
  • 41st Shelawn Francis (Toco Sec) 13.47,
  • 42nd Jayden Logan (Malabar Sec) 13.53,
  • 44th Laquan Dyer (Toco Sec) 13.53,
  • 45th Kaleb John (Pt. Fortin West Sec) 14.00,
  • 46th Gabriel Nanton (QRC) 14.02,
  • 47th Jerome Campbell (Presentation S'do) 14.03,
  • 48th Brian O'Neil (Arima Central Sec) 14.09,
  • 49th Brandon Joshua (Valencia Sec) 14.28, 
  • 50th Christian Francis (St. Mary) 14.29,
  • 51st Demitri Richards (Toco Sec) 14.31,
  • 52nd Clinton Lyons (Toco Sec) 14.45,
  • 53rd Joroon Locario (Toco Sec) 14.57,
  • 54th Jaheim Hector (Sangre Grande Se) 14.59,
  • 55th Xarion Blaize (Toco Sec) 15.19,
  • 56th David Charles (Trinity) 15.21,
  • 57th Daniel Thomas (Toco Sec) 15.31,
  • 58th Jaden Kirton (Toco Sec) 15.31,
  • 59th Jonathan Laldeo (Presentation S'do) 15.32,
  • 60th Barry Brereton (Toco Sec) 15.39,
  • 61st Corde Gomez (Matelot Comm) 15.41,
  • 62nd Lance Clarke (Maple Leaf) 15.42,
  • 63rd Corey Hodges (Sangre Grande Sec) 15.43,
  • 64th Tyrell Bartholomew (East Mucurapo Sec) 15.58,
  • 65th Kedel Greaves (Toco Sec) 16.01,
  • 66th Matthew Knecktle (Maple Leaf) 16.16,
  • 67th Jaylel Marcelle (Bishop Anstey East) 16:17,
  • 68th Amante Joseph (Toco Sec) 16.18,
  • 69th Kinoche Cordner (Toco Sec) 16.24,
  • 70th Anthony Gooding (East Mucurapo Sec) 16.25,
  • 71st Jeremiah Goitia (Toco Sec) 16.37,
  • 72nd Josiah Gibbs (Arima Central Sec) 16.52,
  • 73rd Willon Agard (Pt. Fortin West Sec)16.55,
  • 74th Romeo Bobb (East Mucurapo Sec) 16.57,
  • 75th  Jesnian Johnson (Malabar Sec) 17.17,
  • 76th Jeiel Johnson (Arima West Sec) 17.47,
  • 77th Nathan King (Sangre Grande Sec) 17.55,
  • 78th Cj Holder (East Mucurapo Sec) 19.27,
  • 79th Shawndell Francois (Toco Sec) 19.29,
  • 80th Kareem Bishop (Toco Sec) 19.30,
  • 81st  Isaiah Samaroo (Sangre Grande Sec) 20.32,
  • 82nd Emmanuel Roberts (Toco Sec) 22.32,
  • 83rd Kalon Modeste ((Toco Sec) 23.48,
  • 84th Dexter Walcott (Sangre Grande Sec) 23.53,
  • 85th Patrick Dickson (Sangre Grande Sec) 26.39 
(Age Groups)
Under 13
  • 1st Kereice Roberts (Toco Secondary) 15:34,
  • 2nd Tyler Shears (Toco Sec) 17:15,
  • 3rd Shermieka Punter (Toco Sec) 17:25
  • 1st Antwon Frederick (QRC)  11:56,
  • 2nd Jarrel Blaise (Toco SEc) 12:10,
  • 3rd Malachi Byam (East Mucurapo Sec) 12.44
Under 15
  • 1st Octavia Cambridge (Bishops Anstey) 12:42,
  • 2nd Cassandra Joseph (Toco Secondary) 12:46,
  • 3rd Janeil Bailey (East Mucurapo Secondary) 13:04
  • 1st Joel Laloo (Toco Sec) 10:43,
  • 2nd Daveon Callendar (Toco Sec) 10:53,
  • 3rd Jemell Boastwain (Valencia Sec) 10:56
Under 17
  • 1st Joanna Rogers (St. Francois Girls) 12:07,
  • 2nd Camille Lewis (Sangre Grande Sec) 13:26,
  • 3rd Jada James (Toco Secondary) 14:41
  • 1st Matthew Pulchan (Pt. Fortin West Sec) 10:28,
  • 2nd Jamal Goita (Toco Sec) 10:45,
  • 3rd Ethan Forde (Fatima) 10:52