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Gibbs and Valentine in B U18 & 20 8Km
Daniel Gibbs (Mustangs). left, and Kyron Valentine (Silver Bullets), right in action

Leaders in B U20 8Km
Leaders in the boys under 18 & 20 8Km at the 2016 NAAA Cross Country Championships at the Queen's Park Savannah, Port of Spain on Sunday, December 4. From left: Otis Barker (Toco Titans), Joshua James (Couva Cougars), Anthony Phillips (Richard Jones Racing) and Kriston Yaharhim (Palo Seco). In the background is Samuel Ali (Bankers Athletic Central). 

Mitchell dominates NAAA Girls 6K…James lands Boys 8K gold.

by Clayton Clarke (​​; 08.12.16

Mitchell leads Antoine in G U18 & 20 6km
Aaliyah Mitchell of Abilene Wildcats (left) leads the girls U18 & 20 6Km ahead of Donicia Antoine of Toco Titans (right)

Walters leads the B U18 8Km
Jediael Walters (Kaizen Panthers) captured the boys 18 8km title

Mitchell on her way to victory in G U18 & 20 6Km
Aaliyah Mitchell of Abilene Wildcats on her way to victory in the girls U18 & 20 6Km  

Jeminise Parris
2013 Carifta gold medallist/2014  Youth Olympics 100m hurdles finalist Jeminise Parris (Memphis Pioneers) was fifth in the Girls U20 6Km 


Taken  at the 2016 NAAA Cross Country Championships at the Queen's Park Savannah, Port of Spain on Sunday, December 4.

Top Three in G U18 6km
Aaliyah Mitchell of Abilene Wildcats (centre) won the girls U18 6Km. Blossom Swift (Cougars), left, and Silini Acosta (Mason Hall Police Youth Club), right, were second and third. 

Winner of G U20 6Km-Donicia Antoine

(Thu Dec, 8): Aaliyah Mitchell (Abilene Wildcats/North Eastern College) and Joshua James (Couva Cougars/formerly Valencia Secondary) recorded contrasting victories at the 2016 NAAA Cross Country Championships at the Queen's Park Savannah, Port of Spain on Sunday, December 4. Mitchell ran away with the girls under 18 6Km (three laps) in 27 minutes 17 seconds (27:17). The 15 year old crossed the line ahead of the girls under 20 competitors. Mitchell was more than one minute ahead of the top under 20 finisher Donicia Antoine (Toco Titans/Toco Secondary) 28:32.  In the under 18 race Blossom Swift (Cougars), 32.08 and Silini Acosta (Mason Hall Police Youth Club), 33.24 were second and third. Ruth Henry (Toco Titans), 34:07, Brittney Hutson (Sangre Grande Sec), 38:26, Cheziah Phillips (Toco Titans) 41:29, Deneisha Williams (41:32) were the other top seven finishers.

Mitchell was happy with her victory and dedicated to her deceased aunt. "I am proud of myself. I ran this for my aunt away who passed away this week. This is for her. I ran the best for her. The course was a good one, a little hard on the hills but at the end I was successful." She added that that she prepared for event. "I trained a lot and I deserve my result. ! was injured (earlier in the season) but I overcame the injury. "
Antoine took the under 20 crown from Je-Risa James (Memphis Pioneers), 31.01 and Anisa Samuel (Abilene Wildcats), 34:26. Antoine was seeking a hat trick of victories after she won the Secondary Schools Cross Country (October 16) and 5K (November 20) titles earlier in the season. Mikayla Ottley (Toco Titans), 37.07 and 2013 Carifta gold medalist Jeminise Parris (Memphis Pioneers), 37.56 were fourth and fifth.

Joshua captured the boys under 20 8km (four laps crown) in 30:49 ahead of Anthony Phillips (Richard Jones Running), 31:09 and Kriston Yahkarhim (Palo Seco) and Secondary Schools 5K winner Otis Barker (Toco Titans) in a competitive race.  The quartet pulled away from the main pack with in the second lap racing almost inseparably before James sprinted in front on the final lap to win by twenty seconds.  Barker (31:37) took fourth place with Secondary Schools Cross Country Champ Daniel Gibbs (Mustangs) in tenth (37:20). Kyle Young (Dovers), 31:09, Keanu Otero (Richard Jones Racing), 33:36, Samuel Ali (Bankers Athletic Central), 33:48, Myles Jackson (Memphis Pioneers), 34:35, and Michael Augustine (Belmont Boys), 37:35 finished in the top ten. Phillips was going for his second victory of the season after he captured the Open category of the Secondary Schools 5Km.

Joshua, who won last year's Secondary Schools Cross-country and 5K crown, described the race was a competitive and interesting one. "(I made my move in) the last lap. (I) just stayed with the leaders and when I got the chance I made my move." The Wallerfield resident added that the win was high point for the year for him. "Each year is getting better and better for me. (In 2016 this) cross-country (victory was the highlight for me). He will be competing in the men's division in 2017 and is hoping to represent Trinidad and Tobago.  "Next year I (want) to make the national team."

Jediael Walters (Kaizen Panthers) was the top under 18 boys in a time of 34:02. The Bishop High-Tobago student was eighth overall. Ricardo Prescott Cougars) edged Kyron Valentine (Silver Bullets) were second and third in category. Prescott finished ninth just ahead of Valentine in a sprint finish. Both clocked 34:19.  Top ten finishers were: Darrion Jones (Mason Hall Police Youth), 4th-34:28, Kmanuel Madoo (Toco Titans), 5th-34:49, 6th Jamal Martinez (Silver Bullets) 6th-35;12, 7th Valentino Elder (Toco Titans) 7th-35:14, Tyla Austin (Palo Seco), 8th-36:12, Alex Reece-Roper (Memphis Pioneers) 9th-36:24 and Justin Parks (Sangre Grande Sec) 10th-36:31.

Under 18
Girls (Three Laps-6km): 1st Aaliyah Mitchell (Abilene Wildcats) 27:17, 2nd Blossom Swift (Memphis Pioneers) 32:08, 3rd Silini Acosta (Mason Hall P.Y.) 33:24, 4th Ruth Henry (Toco Titans) 34:07, 5th Brittney Hutson (Sangre Grande Sec) 38:26, 6th Cheziah Phillip (Toco Titans) 41:29, 7th Deneisha Williams (Genesis) 41:32

Boys (Four Laps-8km): 1st Jediael Walters (Kaizen Panthers) 34:02, 2nd Recardo Prescott (Cougars) 34:19, 3rd Kyron Valentine (Silver Bullets) 34:19, 4th Darrion James (Mason Hall P.Y.) 34:28, 5th Kmanuel Madoo (Toco Titans) 34:49, 6th Jamal Martinez (Silver Bullets) 35:12, 7th Valentino Elder (Toco Titans) 35:14, 8th Tyla Austin (Palo Seco) 36:12, 9th Alex Reece-Roper (Memphis Pioneers) 36:24, 10th Justin Parks (Sangre Grande Sec) 36:31, 11th Derron Frank (Cougars) 38:00, 12th Isaac Lewis (Memphis Pioneers) 38:53, 13th Anderson Subero (Sangre Grande Sec) 39.39, 14th Tervin Nora (Mason Hall P.Y.) 40:19, 15th Lincoln Acres (Burnley) 40:33, 16th Teron Johnson (Neon Wolves) 41:31, 17th Sheldon Brooks (Cougars) 42:00, 18th Tyrese Rawlins (Neon Wolves) 43:19, 19th Logan Raymond (Richard JR) 43:25, 20th Scott Marchack (Richard JR) 44:18, 21st Dariell Bernard (Dovers) 45;32, 22nd Jabari Clarke (Genesis) 48:00, 23rd Hakeem Stewart (Genesis) 54;06
Under 20
Girls  (Three Laps-6km): 1st Donicia Antoine (Toco Titans) 28:32, 2nd Je-Risa James (Memphis Pioneers) 31:01, 3rd Anisa Samuel (Abilene Wildcats) 34:26, 4th Mikayla Ottley (Toco Titans) 37:07, 5th Jeminise Parris (Memphis Parris 37.56